AKC Scent Work old

If you are looking for a fun way to engage your dog’s natural instinct to sniff, AKC Scent Sport is the way to go! Maximum K9 will introduce your dog to Birch, Anise, Cypress and Clove oils over the course of the class and teach you the proper way to handle the dog during scent training. Any dog can participate in our Scent sport classes as long as they have the beginnings of basic obedience (sit/down). In order to ensure that each dog receives maximum attention we cap the classes at 7 dogs, so enroll today!

AKC Scent Sport Class

Maximum K9 Scent Sport is designed to teach your dog how to use its nose. We will introduce your dog to one scent and begin to associate it with special treats or toys. Once your dog recognizes these scent, we will teach them to indicate the presence of the hidden odor. This course will show the handler how to read a dog that is “in odor”, and the importance of letting the dog figure things out to discover thier natural talents. It will also incorporate small distractions into the working environment. As your dog progresses, we will introduce it each of the four scents tested by the AKC (Birch, Anise, Clove, and Cypress), and new environments such as vehicles, bushes, buildings, and more. Scent sport is a great way to build your dog’s confidence, stimulate your dog mentally and physically, and strengthen your bond.

10-55 minute classes

Location:Maximum K9 Facility

Cost: $300

Drop in classes available at $35 per class

Private lessons are available to those who cannot make scheduled classes or want some one on one attention.

Private Scent Sport Class

30 minute class

Cost: $70