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Dog Runner Dog Treadmills

  • Exercise Everyday, Even Rainy Ones
  • Improve Your Dog’s Overall Health
  • Improve Your Dog’s Behavior
  • Financing Available On All Models
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Ortho Pro

ortho pro dog runner treadmill

This dog treadmill is a perfect option for vet's offices, rehabilitation facilities, and for sport and working dog professionals. The all-new Dog Runner Ortho Pro features all of the power and structural integrity of the Revolution Pro with 28% more shock absorption.

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Revolution Pro

revolution pro dog treadmill

The all-new Dog Runner Revolution Pro improves upon previous Dog Runner models in all aspects. This dog treadmill is equipped with a 3.5 HP sealed motor, the most powerful motor offered in any Dog Runner model, making it ideal for heavy use.

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Our high-quality electric dog treadmills offer additional benefits for:

Behavioral Modification

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Maintaining Physical Health

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Dog Sports Training

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About Dog Runner Dog Treadmills

The Dog Runner dog treadmill is the perfect solution for you and your dog if you’re looking for an addition to their existing cross training program, an alternative to exercising your dog during bad weather, or just you want a new way to provide mental and physical stimulation!

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Why Buy a Dog Runner Dog Treadmill?

The attention to detail in all aspects of the design of each Dog Runner treadmill shows in every feature thanks to Belgium born & raised Nick Vannerom. He has spent 32 years in Schutzhund/IPO/IGP Dog Sport. He competes in all levels of IGP and is a 7-time Belgian Champion and 3 time Vice Belgian Champion. He understands what a dog and its owner needs.

At the age of 16, he began protection dog training and has been a helper at more than 100 trials. He has been a helper in club trials, world champion qualification trials, and Belgian championships (FCI all breeds, Belgian Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, etc.). He has also been a helper in other countries such as Finland, South Africa, Canada, and Denmark. 

Nick has run Schutzhund/IPO/IGP workshops in many countries, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and France. 

His experience in competitive dog sports is the reason the Dog Runner treadmills functionality was a top priority when designing each machine. The Dog Runner treadmill is truly the perfect solution for your dog when you’re looking for an addition to its existing cross training program. It’s also a fantastic alternative to exercising your dog during bad weather, and can be used to provide mental and physical stimulation.

The conveniently placed monitor gives you total control over your dog’s workout regimen. You can easily adjust speed and incline to give your dog the most effective session possible. This targeted training allows you to reach specific fitness goals for your dog and is especially useful for rehabilitating injuries since you can safely monitor its workout.

As a family business with years of experience as a large specialty fitness equipment provider, Dog Runner has been developing and producing dog treadmills for dogs for many years and sells these dog treadmills in more than 15 countries worldwide. We are proud to partner with Dog Runner to help grow Dog Runner USA and showcase the endless benefits of incorporating this dog treadmill into your dog’s workout regime.

These electric dog treadmills are appropriate for all breeds and types of dogs from pet dogs and hobby sport dogs to the most serious sport competitors and professional working dogs. Since bringing Dog Runner to the USA, we have been providing education on conditioning and dog treadmill use and benefits to dog enthusiasts all over the country. We are committed to providing only high-quality products and excellent customer service to ensure you and your pet receive only the best care. We provide in-house all delivery, and offer installation and repairs to local areas, which makes all communication with our team and your family fast and easy! Please note, we ship dog treadmills nationwide but delivery and installation will be based only on local areas only.


Large numbers of dog handlers, trainers, and owners come to me for advice when it comes to canine fitness. One of the greatest challenges for many of these people is coming up with ways to provide appropriate cardiovascular aerobic training for their dogs. Many people struggle with their own physical limitations, unsafe outdoor training environments, and limited training space for their dogs. When it comes to integrating treadmill exercise into a larger weekly exercise routine, I have no hesitations recommending Dog Runner Treadmills. The quality of these treadmills is beyond compare! If you are looking for a durable treadmill that will last for years to come, there is no other. Dog Runner is what I recommend to my canine fitness clients when they ask my advice about purchasing treadmills!

Erica C. Boling, PhD Owner & President Northeast K9 Conditioning, LLC