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Board and Train Program

Our Board & Train program is ideal for expedited results in your
dog’s training, or for more extensive training like behavior

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This Training is Great For:

Behavior Modification

Basic to Advanced Obediance

Expedited Results

Repetition & Change in Environment

Confidence Building

About Our Board and Train Program

The Maximum Canine Board and Train programs are our most comprehensive training packages. We offer daily and weekly programs and can customize our packages to fit your specific needs. All of our packages are designed to implement our balanced training methods and teach your dog to be a solid citizen both in the house and in public

The first step in our balanced training system is to create value for wanted behaviors, which takes a great deal of time, consistency, and repetition. We then teach the dog about consequences for unwanted behaviors. Your dog will learn sit, down, stay, recalls (come when called), let’s go (loose leash walking), sending to place, heeling (attentive walking), and house manners. We will bring your dog to outside locations — such as pet-friendly retail stores, industrial areas, parks, etc — to help them learn to do their jobs no matter where they are. We will also have your dog work with different handlers so that they understand that they need to listen to everybody in their family the same way. Each dog is taken out multiple times a day between bathroom walks and training sessions and each time they are out we make sure that our communication is clear and consistent. Our Board and Train programs encourage a healthy lifestyle by introducing your dog to a treadmill and basic agility which will get your dog into shape and build their confidence while they have fun learning.

As your dog progresses through our programs we will bring you and your family in to teach you how to access your dog’s new-found knowledge. These private sessions are essential to learning to handle your dog properly. At the completion of the program, you and your dog are eligible for our Maximum Canine Lifetime classes to maintain your skills and help you with any issues that may arise.

Maximum Canine
Our lessons are tailored to your specific needs so be sure to discuss your goals with your trainer!

Board and Train FAQs

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• 60+ years of combined dog training experience
• Diverse team of certified dog trainers
• Experience in training and handling all breeds
• Clear training curriculum
• Lifetime Class membership
• Kennel staff trained to meet all of your dog’s needs
• Clean and safe living environment
• Fully alarmed security system with video surveillance
• 24 hour on call veterinarian
• Licensed and insured

• Training rewards
• Sleeping quarters
• Training
• Recreational walks
• Complimentary exit bath
• Progression videos sent via WhatsApp
• Complimentary Maximum K9 T-shirt
• Certificate of completion

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Board and Train Packages

We strongly recommend that you take full advantage of as many of the training integration opportunities that your package offers to help you best understand how to communicate with your dog in the way we have introduced. It is also a great time to ask questions and make sure you have a plan for bringing your dog back into your home. Any integration opportunities must be booked when you drop your dog off and must be scheduled during allocated times.

All of our programs make you eligible for our Lifetime Classes, which help keep your skills sharp and helpwith any problems that arise as time continues. Remember, training is an on-going process!

The 2 Week board and train program is designed to begin or refresh your dog’s obedience training. Your dog will learn sit, down, release, heel (attentive walking), let’s go (loose leash walking), place, recall (come when called), leave it, drop it, and manners for practical living in your home (no jumping, sitting politely for meals, etc). We will introduce your dog to a balanced training lifestyle and bring your dog to different locations. This will teach your dog to listen everywhere it goes and around distractions such as other dogs, loud noises, objects, people, and new sights and smells.

2 Week Program Available Complimentary Integration Opportunities:

• 1 in facility demonstration at the beginning of week 2
• 1 in facility demonstration close to the end of week 2
• 1 in home drop off integration appointment at the end of week 2
• 1 30 minute virtual training follow-up within the dog’s first week home Maximum Canine Facility

The 4 Week board and train program is ideal for those that are looking for a dog that is proficient in obedience under high distractions, everywhere it goes. With 4 weeks, we have enough time to have even more new handlers on your dog, which desensitizes the dog to new people, and work with your dog in many new and distracting environments. We also bring your dog to more of our group classes.

4 Week Programs Available Complimentary Integration Opportunities:

1 in facility demonstration at the end of week 3
1 in facility demonstration at the beginning of week 4
1 in facility demonstration near the end of week 4
1 in home drop off integration appointment at the end of week 3
1 in home follow-up demonstration within the dog’s first week home
1 30 minute virtual training follow-up within the dog’s second week home Maximum Canine Facility