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Expert Dog Training

Maximum Canine's training programs are designed to create a way for you to communicate clearly with your dog. Our relationship-based training method is rooted in your dog's natural desires and instincts.

Anita's Pure Nutrition

Anita's Pure Nutrition For Dogs is an all natural food market specializing in high quality nutrition for dogs and proper nutritional education for their owners. We carry a variety of high quality raw food blends, raw meaty bones and parts, supplements, treats, and chews. All of our products come from the very best sources for each ingredient.

Dog Runner Treadmills

Exercise is very important for both mental and physical health. Dog Runner treadmills are ideal to help keep your dog's heart, lungs, and muscles in shape for a healthier, happier dog. Most dogs love to move and the Dog Runner treadmill can help prevent destructiveness due to boredom in even the worst weather.


Maximum Canine's online store is your one-stop shop for all things DOG! We have a wide selection of brands offering products every dog owner needs.

Anita's Pure Nutrition For Dogs food, treats and chews are available for online purchases, too.

We even offer dog and handler gear for not just Sport and Working Dogs, but also Pet Dogs! We Have What You Need!

K9 Detection Services

Our detection programs concentrate first and foremost on deterring and preventing any acts of criminal intent or terrorism. We believe that K9s play a critical role in maintaining the safety of your premises. Highly trained K9s patrolling the property is a powerful deterrent against criminals and potential terrorists. Moreover, working dogs from Maximum K9 Detection are expertly trained in detection services for explosives, and narcotics.

Secreti Haus Rottweilers

At Secreti Haus Rottweilers our main objective is to produce a well-balanced, family dog that preserves the virtues and work ethic of its German and Roman ancestors. Much of our success comes from our dedication to breeding quality animals with the correct temperament and physical qualities. Secreti Haus Rottweilers is committed to responsible Rottweiler breeding.

Canine Treats

Training Services


"We have been using Maximum K9 for the past 1.5 years since we got our puppy Brü. After attending Level 1, 2 and 3 with Joe and Katie (plus some private classes with Joe and Sherry) our pup is so well behaved that people think he is a service dog. The classes were very informative and the privates taught us how to work with our pup in a way that he understands. I can't thank Maximum K9 enough for all the tools they have given us as dog parents. Not to mention, they have the best bully sticks and massive femur bones that Brü is obsessed with!

Alanna Sass

"Maximum K9 did an amazing job with my Boxer, Duke! Sherry was our trainer and I had such a wonderful experience with her. She was patient, consistent and Duke loved training with her! Would highly recommend Sherry and Maximum K9 for any of your dog training needs!"

Amanda Christie

"Amazing experience with Maximum K9- Sent our Rottweiler for board and train. Nicole was our main handler and did a fantastic job with training & accommodations for our personal training times since we had a 2 hour drive from NJ. We never had any issues. The owner Joe is very friendly & fully involved with the training. My dog ended up staying an extra 5 days because he wasn’t fully ready and hadn’t met Joe's expectations of being trained. They did an amazing job and we will continue to work with them for more trainings to come. Thank you everyone for being so great with Houston and doing such a great job at training him."

Laura Maliqi

"If you are on the fence about sending your dog for training at Maximum K9, this is your sign to DO IT! My husband and I were hesitant really just because of finances but I’m telling you it’s worth every penny! We spent hundreds of dollars on trainers coming to the home and nothing really helped. We finally decided to commit to Maximum K9 after months of putting it off. I’ll just say, I wish we did it sooner!!! I’m not sure if they allow you to pick your trainer, but if they do, KATIE 100%!! She is so knowledgeable and really shows that she cares for your pup. It was amazing to see the relationship our dog Nico and Katie had when we came in for the demos. Of course I was sad, but I felt comfortable leaving Nico each time because I knew he was in great hands! My husband and I are very excited to continue working with Katie and Maximum K9 to keep Nico on track and build his foundation!!"

Richie and Alissa Stegner

"Thank you Morgan and the rest of the staff at Maximum K9. Even before my dog's board and train - Joe was able to help with a barking issue. But seriously I think you guys switched my dog out LOL! Winter is a rescue, she was dog reactive, horrible on her leash and now she has completely changed for the better. Morgan was patient and informative. You can tell the staff really get along and have a great energy. Thank you guys so much."

Denise O

"I brought my 2 and a half year old standard poodle May here for the 6 week behavior modification because she wouldn’t do well on walks when we saw most people and she would lunge and bark at other dogs. After maybe 2 lessons with Nicole I was able to take May on walks without worrying about her behavior towards other dogs. It was like night and day. They give you and your dog the proper tools to set them up for success. I have recommended Maximum K9 to so many people who have dogs because this place really is great. Everyone there is so kind and they genuinely want to help your dog. May isn’t even finished with her 6 week program but I am already looking into putting her in one of their sport programs because she has done so well these last 4 weeks and she loves going to training. I am so grateful for finding this place!! So worth it."

Alex Kideris

"My German Shepherd, Zeke, was especially reactive to other dogs and would drag me while walking, which made me incredibly stressed about taking him out in public. I had debated a long time about doing the board and train due to the cost. However, it is without a doubt worth every penny. He had amazing trainers, Nicole and Katie, and I was so appreciative about how kind and communicative they were during the entire process. I honestly cannot believe what a difference in behavior Zeke had after two weeks. They went above and beyond my expectations, and I am forever grateful. You will not regret using Maximum K9."


There is a reason that Maximum K9 has such high reviews.  EVERYONE who works there is helpful, knowledgeable, and respectful.  You do not always find that combination at a business and it certainly is refreshing.  While I could write a positive review for each and every member of the team this one is specifically for Katie.  My dog Jade and I signed up for a Level 3 training class, which is off-site training both in and outside at various locations.  Katie is passionate about what she does and worked to bring us the most challenging and positive experience for both dog and owner.  Katie was tasked with finding dog friendly sites and then determine which lessons to teach us each week.  This is no easy feat when the level of obedience ranged from dog to dog.  The beauty of Level 3 training is that it is unpredictable.  When training outside of the “standard classroom” you do not have the foresight to know what will happen.  There could be other dogs, sounds, scents, ect.  The level 3 classes taught us how to adapt and work through various situations.  Katie took the time to work with each dog and owner to ensure that we had the tools to overcome obstacles we might face when out in the “real world”. I highly recommend Maximum K9 for all your training needs.

Nancy Pfaff

Just completed a two-week obedience  Board and Train for Lincoln and couldn’t be happier. We now have a great foundation to build on. He’s taking verbal and nonverbal commands and following through. Katie was absolutely amazing. We are going to continue some private training with her and will be taking advantage of the lifetime classes. Maximum K9 is WONDERFUL.

Jessica Liff Leest

Help Your Dog Be Its Best

At Maximum Canine, we are dedicated to helping you and your dog live a healthy, happy lifestyle through education, the best dog nutrition products, as well training classes for all stages of your dog's life.