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Dog Treadmill Training for Physical Therapy

How Dog Treadmill Training Helps with Physical Therapy

The Dog Runner treadmill is designed to provide workouts for injury rehabilitation in a controlled setting. Our dog treadmills can provide your dog with a full body workout that focuses on walking, running, incline work, as well as decline work, without the impact. This will help provide your dog with a full body workout to ensure their muscles are being worked during their recovery process.

Learn Specifically about Electric Treadmills for:

Some of the injuries our electric dog treadmills can help rehabilitate:

  1. Working and Show Dog Recovery

    Our treadmill can be an essential part of your working or show dog’s training and recovery. By working with the experts at Maximum Canine, we can help you make a workout regime that provides great cardiovascular benefits in a controlled setting.

  2. Pre-surgery & Post-surgery
    Strength Training

    If your dog is about to undergo surgery, depending on the procedure and the extent of the injury, you can help speed up the post-surgery recovery process by strengthening your dog’s muscles and tendons. Once your dog’s surgery is done and their healing process begins, you will want to work their body in a safe, efficient way using the treadmill.

  3. Arthritis and Senior Dog Workouts

    If your dog suffers from arthritis or is getting too old for intense exercise or training, the treadmill is a great way to ensure they are still getting the mental and physical stimulation they need. 

Safe to Use

By using the Dog Runner treadmill in your dog’s rehabilitation plan, you can give an effective but safe workout session. The convenient monitor allows you to change the speed and incline, which will provide you more control and prevent your dog from over-doing it. The running boards on our treadmills also feature extra shock absorption, which makes it easier on your dog’s joints.

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