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Active Dog Sports Training with our Treadmills

Training for Dog Sports

Our Dog Runner treadmill can help with your dog’s training and working regime for any dog sport. It provides strength and conditioning year-round, no matter the weather, and helps with building a strong cross-training regime for your dog. With the treadmill, you can truly isolate and focus on any training goal for your dog and help ensure your dog is using all their muscles evenly for a specific exercise.

Learn Specifically about Electric Treadmills for:

Our top-rated, safe to use treadmill includes an accessible monitor that helps you control your dog’s workout by allowing you to customize the speed, the incline, or decline of the tread. Since there are no distractions, your dog will be focused and maintain a steady workout, which provides great cardiovascular and physical benefits. Some of the specific improvements a dog treadmill can make are:

  1. Endurance Building

  2. Strength

  3. Muscle Building

  4. Explosiveness

  5. Speed

  6. Barking Duration

  7. Strengthens Joints & Ligaments

  8. Improve Reach & Movement

At Maximum Canine, we are dedicated to helping your dog excel in any dog sports they participate in. We provide active dog sport training classes at our facility, virtual online classes, as well as total nutrition in the form of meals, toppers, treats, and more. With our help, we can guide you and your dog on training for:

Cardio Workouts
• Racing
• Tracking, Hunting, Field Trials, & Gun and Bird Dog
• Agility 
• Dock Diving 
• PSA 
• Appda
• Belgium, French & Mondio Ring Sports 
• Weight Pulling
• Sled Dogs 
• Lure Course  
• Search & Rescue 
• K9 Detection 
• K9 Apprehension 

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