Dog Boarding

Going away and looking for a trusted overnight dog boarding facility near you? Find our list of dog boarding services here.

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Dog Boarding on Long Island, NY

We are a full service, climate controlled, indoor dog boarding facility located in Deer Park, New York. Our dog facility has individual suites with tempered glass doors and solid paneling. We also have crates of various sizes to fit your dog’s individual needs. Dogs are handled by experienced kennel workers who are used to handling many types and temperaments of dogs.

During their stay with us, your dogs will have plenty of walks for not just bathroom breaks, but also for exercise. We also offer additional add-on services to make your dog's stay much more enjoyable.

Maximum Canine dog trained to jump
Our mission is to unleash a dog’s life’s purpose through the exploration of sport, health and fitness in order to create the behaviors its owner desires.

Boarding Services

If you’re going away and want to board your dog overnight with professionals you can trust right here on Long Island, we’re the dog boarding service you want. Not only do we have expertly trained dog trainers handling your beloved pet, but we’re also located in a prime location right near the Long Island Railroad Deer Park train station. Drop your dog off with our attentive staff, and head out to start your vacation knowing that we’ll lovingly care for your furry family member while you’re away.

Remember to bring enough food for your dog’s stay, plus a couple of extra servings just in case you are unable to pick your dog up on the scheduled day.

Going to spend a longer day away from your dog? Don’t want to leave it home alone? We’ve got you covered. We offer daily dog boarding for dog owners who just need to drop off for daytime stays.

Dog Boarding Add-on Services

In addition to the best care for your dog during their overnight boarding, or their daily boarding, we offer add-on services to your dog’s stay for additional fees.

A member of our staff will run your dog on one of our DogRunner treadmills which are a great way to keep your dog in shape and active while they stay with us.

Your dog will go into the training room for a private play session with a member of our staff to let them have some extra fun during their stay.

Our staff will bring your dog to learn or work on different aspects of the agility course!

Our staff can keep your dog’s obedience skills tuned up when you are away by bringing them to a Lifetime class.

A member of our staff will introduce your dog to or maintain their scent skills to stimulate their mind!

One of our trainers will either introduce a new command or address a particular behavioral issue at your request.