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Private Obedience Training

Private training is best suited for people who require a program
tailored to their dogs specific needs, such as poor house and leash
manners, reactivity or aggression, and behavior modification.

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This Training is Great For:

On & Off Leash Obedience

Distraction Training

Behavior Modification

Customizing To Various Levels

One on One Attention

About Private Obedience Training

Private lessons are a great way to work towards specific goals on a schedule that works for you. They are fully customizable to suit your needs and are designed to help you teach and communicate with your dog in the most effective manner. Private lessons are appropriate for dogs of any age, breed, and temperament with any level of foundational training: from those that need the most basic obedience training to the most seasoned sport and working dogs and everything in between.

Maximum Canine
Our lessons are tailored to your specific needs so be sure to discuss your goals with your trainer!

Off-leash/E-collar training at Maximum Canine

The e-collar is a beneficial tool used for precise, consistent communication with your dog. It uses electro-stimulation, similar to what a chiropractor or physical therapist might use, it is NOT A SHOCK. Our training uses the lowest level of stimulation that the dog feels to motivate the dog towards wanted behaviors. The e-collar can be used to move your dog off-leash by acting as an “invisible leash” that lets you control your dog from a distance, providing a safety net to help prevent them from running into traffic and approaching strangers or strange dogs, who may not be friendly.

The e-collar must be introduced as part of a balanced training method, and should not be introduced without the proper supervision of a trainer. We begin training the e-collar by pairing it with commands that the dog already understands, then combine it with a leash correction that the dog is familiar with. When used properly, the e-collar training can reduce conflict and anxiety by preventing negative association. The e-collar is a tool to be used such as a leash or collar to help the dog master the training and fine-tune communication between you and your dog.

Our basic curriculum includes the following:

  • Balanced training techniques
  • Marker word training (“yes”, “no”)
  • Heel
  • Sit/stay
  • Down/stay
  • Intro to place
  • Polite greetings (no jumping)
  • Recall (come when called)

Private Training Packages

(6) 55 minute private lessons at Maximum Canine
Discount: Purchase two (2) packages at once- each package is 5% off; purchase a
second package at the completion of the first- second package is 5% off.

(6) 60 minute private lessons at your home (May increase depending on distance).