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At Secreti Haus Rottweilers our main objective is to produce a well-balanced, family dog that preserves the virtues and work ethic of its German and Roman ancestors. Much of our success comes from our dedication to breeding quality animals with the correct temperament and physical qualities.

After genetics, we focus on raising balanced, well-behaved dogs by ensuring they are brought up in a structured environment with proper nutrition. Many things play a role in the success of the dog including dam, sire, litter-mates, breeder, owner, trainer, and nutrition. Secreti Haus Rottweilers is committed to responsible Rottweiler breeding. We are located on Long Island, NY.

Secreti Haus Rottweilers has done a great deal of research and partnered with experienced breeders to ensure a strong breeding program. Since the 1990s we have been learning about Rottweiler care and ownership, attending breed shows, competing in dog sports, training to advanced levels, and traveling to Germany to learn from top Rottweiler breeders so that we could put together the best breeding program possible

Secreti Haus Rottweilers 101

Available Dogs

Secreti Haus Rottweiler puppies are bred following the FCI and ADRK German standards. All of our dogs are from European bloodlines.

Our Formula For Success

We start with European bloodlines that are consistent and proven, and then we make it our goal to improve upon them.

Our Dogs

Learn more about the Secreti Haus German Rottweilers and meet some of our current dogs.