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Training a dog starts by looking at the natural desires and instincts of each individual dog and figuring out how that drives them. Dogs all have innate drives from years of selective breeding (even unknown mixes had purpose-bred dogs somewhere in their lines that we can use to help figure out what that dog finds the most valuable). We place a lot of value on positive reinforcement; not just with food but with a strong emphasis on play —both competitive and non-competitive games— and working toward a goal as a team to build a bond with the dog. This approach teaches trust and using that trust we can begin to introduce rules in a way that allows the dog to feel purposeful and not suppressed.

Our training style is not a simple single answer because it has been built based on years of experience and education, failures, and achievements. For each of you that comes to us, we cater our training methods based on how we need to connect the correct pieces to satisfy your mutual goal with your dog. Dogs are like people and they all come with strengths and weaknesses, some breed specific and some based on the individual. Some come with poor past experiences and some with restriction and/or suppression, abuse, lack of environmental awareness, aggression, and fears. Due to all this diversity, we can not have a one size fits all approach to any type of dog training. We must look at what drives the animal and we must not suppress or hide their behaviors, but redirect and repurpose them with stimulating activities that help drive what is acceptable for our current situation. Some bonding activities that require the significant level of stimulation and purpose that we help you tap into are:

Agility • Tracking • Competition obedience • Search and rescue • Dog sports • Nose work • Bikejoring • Dog treadmill • Hunting together • K9 detection • Therapy or service dog work • Farming • Personal protection • Dock diving • Herding • Active family dog •

These are just a variety of purposeful dog sports and activities that were created to leverage the genetic asset of the individual dog. Every dog requires a need to belong and have emotional relationships, with purposeful objectives, interaction, structure and good old fashion play! Taking the time as a dog owner to interact and learn from your dog and working as a team is what a strong relationship is all about.

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Training Services

We have developed a general training system, which we will use to help you make the most of your relationship with your dog.

Creating The Proper Learning Environment

We explore each dog as an individual which allows us to find the best methods for teaching dogs what the correct answers are to each “question” asked.

A Note from Joe, Our Founder

"Dog training isn't just about taking a few lessons. I truly believe it's about a lifetime of commitment, compromise, and learning that benefits both your dog and you."

Training FAQs

We've answered the most frequently asked questions about our dog training methodology and training processes.

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Maximum Canine dog trainers are dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and their owners. We strive to be the definitive educational resource for owners with dogs in all stages of training from puppyhood to senior living.

Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions

- What types of dog training activities are offered by Maximum K9

Maximum K9 Service provides a variety of stimulating dog training activities including agility, nose work, competition obedience, search and rescue, and personal protection. These activities are designed to leverage the genetic assets of each dog, fostering a sense of purpose and strong owner-dog relationships.

- Are there any specialized dog training programs, particularly for service or therapy dog work?

Yes, Maximum K9 Service offers specialized dog training programs in Long Island, including for service and therapy dog work. These programs are designed to meet the specific needs of dogs that are being trained for specialized roles, providing the necessary stimulation, structure, and interaction to excel in their tasks.

- What are the first basic commands taught in puppy school?

The first basic commands typically taught include "sit," "stay," "come," and "heel." These foundational commands are crucial for establishing good communication and control between the owner and the puppy, paving the way for more advanced training.

- Do you offer in home dog training?

Yes, we do offer in-home training sessions at Maximum K9 Service. Our experienced dog trainers can come to your residence in areas such as Commack, Massapequa, Garden City, and other towns within Suffolk County, Long Island. In-home training allows for personalized attention in your dog's natural environment, making it easier to address specific behavioral issues and tailor the training to your dog's unique needs.

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