FAQs on Dog Treadmills

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Q: Why Is the Dog Runner better than a human treadmill for my dog?

The Dog Runner treadmill is built with safety features and functional details designed to make up for the lack of these qualities in human treadmills. The control panel is positioned to be controlled by the handler so that they can still have eyes on the dog. The safety clip is another important feature, this will bring the treadmill to a complete stop if the dog goes too far to the back of the treadmill. Dog Runner treadmills are also built with side gates so the dog does not slip off, and rear and side entry / exit gates for easy on and off maneuvers. The Dog Runner treadmill has a much longer running surface than human treadmills to accommodate the longer body and gait that dogs have. The Dog Runner treadmill is built with a quieter motor for more sensitive dogs.

Q: How will a Dog Runner treadmill benefit my dogs if I already walk my dog multiple times per day?

Most breeds have the physical ability and natural desire to walk and travel long distances. Most domesticated dogs do not get enough physical activity in their daily walks alone. Dog’s need to run and allow their limbs to extend. Utilizing a treadmill will also provide the needed exercise needed during inclement weather when you cannot walk your dog for extended periods of time.

Q: Why is exercise important for my dog’s health?

Physical exercise is a crucial part of our dog’s health and longevity. Regular and appropriate exercise will improve your dog’s joint health, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and provide mental stimulation which gives them a better quality of life. 

Q: How do I teach my dog to use the Dog Runner treadmill?

Introduce the dog to the treadmill slowly. Let them explore the treadmill while it is off, reward them for any interaction towards the treadmill to create a positive association. Please visit our other resources on teaching your dog to use the Dog Runner treadmill: Dog Treadmill Training

Q: Is the treadmill the only exercise my dog needs?

Short answer: No. Dog’s need more than just physical exercise. They also need different forms of exercise. They also require appropriate socialization and mental stimulation.

Q: What if I purchase a Dog Runner and my dog doesn’t like it?

If you are having trouble getting your dog to use the treadmill comfortably, please contact us for guidance on acclimating your dog to the treadmill. We have video resources and virtual training options.

Q: Can my puppy use the Dog Runner treadmill?

You can absolutely teach and socialize your puppy to the treadmill. This is a great confidence building activity. Puppies should only walk on the treadmill at low speeds for short periods of time until they reach physical maturity. Do not allow puppies to engage in high impact activities. 

Q: Can my senior dog use the Dog Runner treadmill?

Your senior dog can use the treadmill and it is a great tool to help keep them active and avoid injury. The treadmill provides a safe and controlled environment for your dog to exercise. Make sure your senior dog is approved by a veterinarian for any kind of physical activity.

Q: How can I become a Dog Runner USA affiliate?

Please contact us at info@maximumk9service.com about becoming a Dog Runner USA affiliate.