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Behavioral Modification Benefits with our Treadmills

Dog Behavior Modification Benefits With Our Treadmill

Are you trying to find a way to modify your dog’s behavior or how to handle destructive dog behavior? Our Dog Runner treadmill is the perfect complement to ongoing obedience training by providing a mental and physical outlet.

Learn Specifically about Electric Treadmills for:

  1. Aggressive Dog Behavior Modification

    Is your dog the one who’s always barking, snapping, growling, or even worse, biting? Along with our top-rated dog behavior modification training classes, we can also pair your existing program with a workout program on our Dog Runner! A frustrated and under stimulated dog will act out or become overly excited which will lead to accidents or unwanted behaviors.

  2. Providing Purpose to High Energy Dogs

    Some breeds are perfectly content to be couch potatoes but if you got a dog that was bred to work, it’s extremely important for their mental and physical well-being that you provide the exercise and stimulation they need. High energy dogs are extremely intelligent so it’s important to not only stimulate them physically but also mentally. Incorporating daily exercise, games, and mental stimulation will be key to a well developed dog and happy partner for you.

  3. Stop a Destructive Dog

    Related to above, a dog that does not receive enough exercise will find ways to exert that energy. Oftentimes owners will need to leave the house and the dog will experience separation anxiety or boredom. This can sometimes result in destructive behaviors, such as a torn up carpet, scratches on your expensive couch, or excessive digging. It’s important not to yell or punish your dog if you come home and your living room has torn up pillows. They’ve already engaged in the destructive behavior and they won’t understand why you’re angry. In fact, you potentially can increase your dog’s anxiety because if you look at the situation from their standpoint, you left them alone, which scared them, and then you came back and started yelling at them. In order to properly handle bad behaviors, you need to get ahead of it before they happen. This is why it’s always encouraged to properly fulfill your dog and provide them with a sense of purpose before leaving them alone. By using our dog treadmill, this can help your dog release their pent up energy in a controlled and safe way.

  4. Ease Anxiety and Desensitize Fears

    Anxiety or fear in a dog can happen for numerous reasons but the end result can be a whimpering, shaking, and destructive dog that bothers the neighbors. The more you expose your dog to different situations, peoples, and other experiences, the more desensitized they will be. By desensitizing your dog, you are also creating a bond with them by advocating for them and being their source of fulfillment.. However, it is common to have to leave your dog for periods of time. If you have to leave your dog for a period of time, it’s always important to exercise them before placing them in their pen or leaving them alone in your home.

  5. Strengthen Your Bond With Your Dog

    Purposeful and stimulating activities with your dog are key to strengthening your bond and their trust in you as a partner since you’re both working toward the goal of them living a fulfilled life. The best ways to bond with your dog is by exercising them since it has dual benefits of giving them the stimulation and love they need.

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