K9 Detection Services

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Our private K9 detection service serves the New York tri-state area. It is our primary goal to offer clients the latest K9 detection tactics and strategies while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

We believe our K9s play a critical role in maintaining the safety of your premises by concentrating on deterring and preventing any acts of criminal intent or terrorism. Having our highly trained K9s patrolling your property is a powerful deterrent against criminals and potential safety threats. Moreover, the working dogs from Maximum K9 Detection Service are expertly trained in detection services for explosives and narcotics.

In order to provide you with a diversified plan of K9 detection to limit threats, our trained professionals assess all potential threats to your property, business, or event. Once the analysis is complete, we devise a customized plan for you that may consist of a mix of single or multiple dog teams for daily services, to random sweeps for special events. It’s all based on your needs.

We believe a proper diversification is critical to a client’s objective, and the safety of the premises.

Detection Services 101

How Our Detection Dogs for Hire are
Trained & Maintained

Maximum Canine believes the key to any successful detection dog is found in its genetics, upbringing, and training. Because of this, our Maximum K9 Detection Service works with our Maximum Canine trainers to select the right dog.

K9 Explosive
Detection Service

Maximum K9 Detection Service provides certified K9 explosive detection teams to help provide a safe and secure environment for public, as well as private, events. Our handle and K9 units are highly skilled to adapt to any new location, or situation.

K9 Narcotic
Detection Service

Maximum K9 Detection Service provides expertly trained dogs to locate illegal substances in places of business, schools, residential neighborhoods, and more.

K9 Detection Consulting and Partnerships

We have multiple options for partnering with Maximum K9 Detection.

Detection Dog Training

Interested in Detection Dog Training? Learn more about this service provided through Maximum Canine.

Meet Our
K9 Detection Handlers

The Maximum K9 Detection Services handlers are certified quarterly through Maximum Canine and certified annually via accredited, third-party affiliates.

Meet Our
K9 Detection Dogs

Our canine staff at Maximum K9 Detection Services are teamed with handlers, and have been certified on either Narcotics or Explosives Detection. Some of our dogs even compete in sporting competitions.