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The threat of terrorism is certainly not new, and has been a worldwide issue since the early times of recorded history. The overall level of terrorist-related acts in the United States declined in the early 1990s in comparison to figures for the 1970s and 1980s, but human casualties and economic damage have actually increased.

The historic terrorist attacks of 9/11 were responsible for 2996 deaths, over 6000 injured, $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage, equaling $3 trillion in total costs. America has entered a new age, an age filled with new threats that affect our way of life and our American freedoms. Our borders have been breached with international terrorist activity, and domestic terrorism is sadly on the rise. Despite the significant efforts of federal and state law enforcement agencies, we Americans are still vulnerable to unpredictable, and cowardly, acts of terrorism.

The probability of an explosive attack on a private or public facility has greatly increased over the last few years. Unfortunately, the buildings and institutions of private and public corporations are most vulnerable. These properties often lack the level of security necessary to deter these destructive acts. The private sector must take a proactive, practical approach to help prevent and minimize the threat level.

K9 Explosive Detection Dog Service

Maximum K9 Detection Service is dedicated to helping provide a safe and secure environment for both our public and private clients. We do so by offering certified K9 explosive detection teams for contract services, available within the NY tri-state area. This is the number one resource in the fight against terrorist attacks. Maximum K9 Detection Service has a continuous training program that ensures precision and reliability.

Our EDDs (Explosive Detection Dogs) are trained and certified on the five families of explosives and HME (homemade explosives). Weekly, our teams will search and detect on multiple compounds and derivatives, as well as practice locating them in packages, buildings, vehicles, and sub-surfaces. Our teams are trained to follow standard procedures that are defined by location, client, local and federal agencies. Maximum K9 Detection Service offers customized programs to meet the specific needs of our clients.

The handler-K9 teams aren’t only expertly trained on detecting multiple compounds and derivatives of those compounds, but they also maintain their skills with regular training that mimic real-life scenarios. This keeps the team's skills sharp, ensuring they’re always prepared for any situation they come across.

Services Our Bomb Detecting Dogs are trained for

Our K9 and handler teams are trained to service and perform tasks in:
  • seaports
  • public outings
  • shopping centers
  • schools
  • airports
  • concerts
  • sporting events
  • public transportation
  • office buildings
  • parking garages
  • trade shows
  • private residences
Our K9 detection units are highly skilled to adapt to any new location, or situation. Rest assured we can handle any scenario we encounter.

Who does our Explosive Detection K9 Unit service?

We have a wide ranging customer base, which includes:
  • commercial cruise lines
  • public seaports
  • VIP air flights
  • foreign diplomats
  • royal families
  • celebrities
  • private security firms

Discretion During K9 Explosive Detection Searches

Since Maximum K9 Detection K9s detect in big crowds, and areas with fairly significant amounts of people, we train our teams to handle all situations with the utmost discretion. Our K9s are skilled at remaining calm, and well-behaved in order to reduce anxiety in crowds of people. They will only engage once danger is detected.

However, if necessary, our handlers and K9s are able to conduct searches in a way that deters a potential threat. We can customize our services in order to meet your needs.

If our dogs detect explosives, we DO work with law enforcement, as well as bomb squads, in order to neutralize the threat in the safest way possible.

3PK9 Explosive Detection Service

In 2019 Maximum K9 detection service was one of the few selected companies to become approved under the TSA developed program: Third-Party Canine - Cargo (3PK9-C).

As the air cargo and aviation sectors continue to be a top target for terrorists, the use of Explosive Detection Canine (EDC) teams remains an effective and efficient tool in the fight on terrorism attacks.

To address the growing need, Homeland Security and the TSA have established the Third-Party Canine-Cargo (3PK9-C) Program, to create and monitor Certified Cargo Screening Facility - K9 (CCSF-K9). Under this program, private sector canine companies provide TSA certified cargo screening canine teams to assist in meeting the new requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This new mandate requires the screening of all cargo transported on passenger and commercial air carriers.

Certified 3PK9-C teams can be deployed to screen air cargo for aircraft operators, foreign air carriers, and other TSA-regulated parties operating under a TSA-approved or accepted security program.

Benefits of Using K9 Teams for Cargo Screening

Using K9 cargo screening teams not only increases productivity, but they also reduce costs by moving cargo through your facility faster and without the need to install expensive technology.

Move larger quantities of cargo at a quicker speed

K9 cargo teams can screen pallets, skids, loose cargo and bagged cargo, quickly and accurately. You’ll no longer need to break down palletized and wrapped cargo which vastly decreases screening time.

Technology is Ever-changing

Expensive screening equipment constantly changes and requires updates and new equipment purchases in order to work properly. Canines don’t need expensive updates, they are continuously learning new scents, and improving their skills as they work each day.

Lower your labor costs

You can decrease the amount of man hours spent breaking down pallets, then re-palletizing the cargo, if you use K9 cargo screening teams. There will be absolutely no need to break any cargo down, unless a dog detects a problem. It will also mean turnaround time is reduced so you meet airline deadlines with ease.

A more “organic” approach

Much of the cargo being transported is perishable and sensitive freight. Reduce radiation exposure with the use of K9 cargo screening teams.

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