Bed Bug Detection

Bed bug infestations have become a serious problem in both private homes and public facilities. Urban areas, such as New York City, are common places to pick up bed bugs because of the increased foot traffic and denser population. Bed bugs spread to laundry, furniture, luggage, pets, clothing, etc and cause both health concerns and financial issues.

How Do Dogs Do It?

A dog can detect bed bugs with its incredible sense of smell: dogs have more than 300 million receptors in their noses compared to the 30 million that humans have. These receptors help dogs detect odors that humans cannot.

Bed bug dogs are trained to recognize and indicate to the scent of both live and dead bed bugs. When they search a room they show the handler the places where the bed bugs are most likely burrowing, even if only eggs are present. Once the bed bugs are found it is up to the owner of the property to investigate further.

Who can benefit from canine bed bug detection?

Our dogs are useful for schools, hospitals, hotels, motels, and private residences. Dogs are especially useful for large scale operations where a human may begin to falter during visual inspection. Detection dogs are a great way for businesses that rely on people visiting or staying at their facility to ensure that their facilities are clear since potential visitors will often avoid an establishment rumored to have bed bugs even after they are eliminated. Early bed bug detection is essential for business owners who want to maintain a strong, healthy, safe reputation to keep their business profitable.

The use of bed bug detection dogs is less expensive and more efficient than many traditional methods. Maximum K9 Detection is not affiliated with any extermination company so you can be sure we will deliver an honest and accurate report of any findings. Our team will be happy to give you a quote for services based on the size of the facility and how many dogs you need to get the job done efficiently.