About us

Secreti Haus Rottweilers is proud to present award winning Rottweilers on Long Island, NY. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of Rottweilers by remaining committed to the responsible breeding of healthy, correct dogs with excellent temperaments, superior workability, and proper conformation.

Our Dogs

Secreti Haus Rottweilers are the complete package: we only breed lines that have been researched, proven, and lovingly perfected. You will receive a puppy or dog that has been properly socialized, imprinted, and selected to fit the lifestyle of each customer’s family. Our Rotties have been given a blueprint for life that, if built upon, will create a balanced dog. Along with a dog, Secreti Haus Rottweilers also prides itself on the network of like-minded people who are passionate about the Rottweiler breed. Your new “family” is a priceless resource for education, social interaction, and activities. Maximum K9 Services in Deer Park, NY will provide you with 6 free puppy classes and 10% off of all Max Natural Dog Co products, retail items, and training services. Your dog will come micro-chipped, up to date on shots, and with an impeccable health certificate.

Is a Rottweiler the right dog for you?

Rottweilers make superb companions and excellent house dogs with appropriate training and attention. As a breed, Rottweilers love to be with you every minute of the day; however, they have a high working drive and a moderate amount of energy so they need both physical and mental stimulation to become well-rounded dogs. While walks and ball games may be physically stimulating for your dog, a Rottweiler’s intelligence often requires more challenging outlets for their energy; they excel in herding, tracking, carting, advanced obedience, agility, IPO, protection sports, and scent detection. These more involved activities are just some of the many paths for you and your Rottweiler to take on your way to building a strong bond and a balanced dog.

Rottweilers have a wonderful temperament. The breed was developed in Ancient Rome to herd cattle and defend his master and his master’s property. This cherished position of companion, guardian, and working dog required that the breed be powerful, sturdy, courageous, and incredibly intelligent; well bred Rottweilers should still possess these traits today. A good Rottweiler should also be calm and self-assured. They are designed to be aware of strangers and not indiscriminately friendly; Rottweilers are bred to not accept an outsider until they have proven themselves trustworthy.


If you are looking for training for your Rottweiler, look no further than Maximum K9 Services in Deer Park, NY. Maximum K9 Services is affiliated with Secreti Haus Rottweilers and has extensive experience raising, training, and working with Rottweilers; we are a full service, dog-centric facility, specializing in dog training and working dog programs. Working with countless Rottweilers over the years has provided us with the opportunity to handle a large variety of Rottweilers and truly get to know the breed; this knowledge gives us the understanding of how to motivate these amazing dogs.

Rottweilers require a dynamic balance of value, respect, companionship, and stimulation that varies between different times in the dog’s life. Adjusting your program to fit your dog’s current needs is essential to raising and maintaining a well-balanced dog. Maximum K9 Service understands Rottweilers, and we also understand that no two dogs are the same so we can adjust our training programs to the Rottweiler’s distinct requirements. We have programs for dogs of all ages from puppy training to obedience to advanced working dog sports and training. We offer tracking, detection, agility, protection, IPO, and show handling to keep both you and your dog engaged.