Training Services

Lifetime Dog Training for Real Situations

Our Lifetime Dog Training classes help keep new skills sharp and provide dogs and owners opportunities to learn how to handle real-life situations.

Lifetime Dog Training Classes

Our weekly Lifetime classes are group training classes offered to those with trainer approval and who have finished: 

• one of our Private Trainings
• Level 2: Intermediate Obedience Group Training
• Level 3: Off-site Obedience Group Dog Training
• Precision Handling Dog Training Class
• any of our Board and Train programs 

About Our Lifetime Classes

Lifetime Training Prerequisite

In order to be able to attend our Lifetime Trainings, you must have completed Level 2 Intermediate or any of our advanced group obedience classes, one of our Private Trainings, or one of our Board and Trains.

The Lifetime class is designed to keep your new training skills sharp and help you solve any training questions you may run into when training on your own. These classes also incorporate people, cars, bicycles, toys, loud noises, and other dogs to help proof (listen around distractions) your dogs against distractions. We even go on scheduled field trips to new locations so that you can train with your dog in new environments. 

Coming to the Lifetime classes is strongly recommended to help you strengthen your bond with your dog and keep your communication clear and consistent. Lifetime classes are offered several times a week for $30/class for the life of your dog.

Space is limited! Please call ahead to reserve your spot and to pay for classes in advance.

Pricing for Maximum Canine'sLifetime Dog Training Classes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please call ahead to reserve your spot, as well as provide your payment.

Classes are offered several times a week, but have limited spots! Call ahead to reserve your spot and provide payment.

*We reserve the right to change prices.

This Training is Great For:

Behavior Modification

Basic to Advanced Obedience

Expedited Results

Repetition & Change in Environment

Confidence Building