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Guide to Treats, Chews & Supplements

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Our full-line of Anita’s Pure Nutrition vitamins, supplements, chews, treats, and meal toppers provides your dog with the highest quality products to fuel your fur companion. We work with our vendors and suppliers to make sure we’re sourcing the best of the best ingredients for your beloved dogs.

Benefit of Anita’s Dog Vitamins and Supplements

Regardless of the diet you feed your dog, there are certain health issues, as well as fitness goals, that may require your dog to be given additional vitamins and supplements.

Just like humans, dogs eating real, whole foods, can’t always get in every nutrient needed to have their bodies running at an optimal level when:

  • training for specific sports
  • rehabilitation from an injury
  • helping heal an illness/sickness
  • maintaining optimal performance during down time between sport competitions

When we’re training hard, and eating whole foods, we’d all be eating all day, every day, to maintain our best quality of health. That’s just not possible. Supplements and vitamins just help the body’s overall health and fitness.

Always consult with your veterinarian before giving any vitamins or supplements to your dog.

Dog Vitamins

Just like humans, dogs require vitamins in order for their bodies to function properly. Also just like humans, dogs don’t produce these vitamins and need to consume them through their diets, along with supplements and vitamins. Vitamins help keep a dog’s skin and coat healthy, provide them with energy, and strengthen their teeth and bones. Without proper vitamin consumption, behavior issues may arise, too.

If your dog isn’t getting enough of his vitamins from their daily meals, then they’ll need to be given vitamins in pill or liquid form. Always discuss what vitamins are needed with your dog’s veterinarian and never give your dog human vitamins. There are vitamins formulated specifically for canines.

Dog Supplements

Supplements are designed to enhance your dog’s diet. If there’s a deficiency in some area of nutrition, giving your dog a supplement may be necessary. Supplements can help with your dog’s:

  • immune systems
  • joints
  • digestion
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Why You Should Use Dog Food Toppers

Adding dog food toppers to your dog’s regular meals provides an extra source of nutrition, plus it’s tasty! One of the best ways to entice a picky eater is with a great dog food topper with a strong, but appealing aroma.

Toppers are also a great way to add variety to your dog’s meals. Just like humans, dogs do enjoy a little something special during meal times.

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Health Benefits of Dog Chews & Treats

Chewing is a natural habit dogs instinctively possess. If owners don’t provide safe dog chews for their pet, dogs will find something to chew on. It’s overall health depends on it. The purpose of chewing varies during a dog’s life-cycle.

Puppies often crave calcium, which pushes them to chew on bones. However, if a bone isn’t readily available, they’ll chew on anything. As dogs get older, they just know they have to chew, and will do so, regardless of punishments or discouragement. The natural chewing behavior should be appropriately channeled into safe dog chew options.

Dog Chews Help with Dental Health

Anita’s Pure Nutrition chews are safer than rawhide and hard plastic dog toys, because they are highly digestible with no harsh or artificial chemicals. Our chews also contain no:

  • preservatives
  • extra carbohydrates
  • extra sugars

Dog chews help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean. The simple act of chewing assists in scraping tartar from teeth, and promotes the production of saliva. Saliva cleanses your dog’s mouth, which improves the cleanliness of their teeth and gums, too.

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Human-Grade Dog Treats

When choosing a treat for your beloved pet, Anita’s Pure Nutrition provides you with the highest quality products for your dog. We use safe, human-grade, whole ingredients.

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