Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro
Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro

The Premium Dog Runner Treadmill

Dog Runner Treadmill Ortho Pro

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This treadmill is a perfect option for vet's offices, rehabilitation facilities, sport and working dog professionals. The all-new Dog Runner Ortho Pro features all of the power and structural integrity of the Revolution Pro with 28% more shock absorption. Designed to absorb more impact to the cushioned running desk, this treadmill protects the dog’s joints. It is also popular with everyday dog enthusiasts who may have dogs recovering from surgery, or dealing with issues like aging or arthritis, or just those with an eye towards their dog’s long-term joint support.

This treadmill is equipped with a 3.5 HP sealed motor, which is the most powerful motor offered in any Dog Runner model and makes it ideal for heavy use. This motor is significantly quieter than previous models and competitor products on the market. This powerful motor also makes it available for use by dogs up to 285 lbs, nearly double that of other treadmills on the market. The Ortho Pro is equipped with a continuous tension of the running belt that creates a smooth and exceptionally quiet flow and minimizes the need for maintenance, repair, and adjustments to the belt. These treadmills were built by dog and fitness professionals with the goal of creating a safe, long-lasting piece of equipment with the ability to satisfy the needs of any level of dog enthusiast.

The Ortho Pro is made from heavy gauge materials, features 3 layers of paint, and has an automatic incline with 15 levels to choose from. There are two anchor points at the front and rear of the machine that assists in the handling and training of dogs of all sizes. It features a user-friendly screen with an emergency stop clip to ensure the safety of the dog.

New to the Ortho Pro has a convenient remote that allows you to control the treadmill from a distance. This treadmill also gives you the ability to create your own programs for your own dog’s personal fitness and conditioning goals, in addition to the preset programs it comes with. All Dog Runner treadmills come with access to an online library of reference content to help you get the most out of your treadmill. This treadmill was built to satisfy and stand up to the needs of pet professionals and pet owners alike and makes the perfect addition to the long term health and wellness plan for pets of any age.

  • Dimensions running surface (L x W):  70.9in x 18.1in
  • Device dimensions (L x W x H): 81.9in x 25.6in x 42.9in
  • 2 overhead secure anchor bars (front and back) with a 36.5” clearance 
  • Total weight of Ortho Pro: 174 lbs
  • Tubular metal secure side rails
  •  28% more shock absorption with additional cushion and upgraded feet 
  • Tread thickness: 0.07in (heavy duty)
  • Walking plate thickness: 0.07in (heavy duty)
  • Maximum weight of the dog: 285 lbs
  • Speed: 0.5-11.2 MPH
  • 3.5 HP Sealed Quite Running Motor
  • Automatic incline with 15 levels to choose from
  • Rear entrance and side exit gates for continuous forward motion and ease of loading and unloading your dog
  • Remote control
  • LCD screen that displays:
    • Time elapsed
    • Speed
    • Calories Burned
    • Distance
  • Preset program 
  • Emergency safety shut off switch with clip
  • Ability to design your own programs
  • Dog Treadmill training Q&A email access
  • 24 month warranty parts
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • U.S technical support
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