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Behavior Modification Dog Training

Our dog behavior modification training helps dog owners change how their dog reacts to outside influences.

dog behavior modification services

Behavior Modification Dog Training

When dealing with dogs that have behavioral issues we often refer to the training as behavior modification because it requires us to fully change the way the dog reacts to the world around it to help it live a happy, fulfilled life. 

Issues that require behavior modification include (but are not limited to): 
• aggression toward people
• aggression toward dogs and other animals
• fear
• anxiety

These unwanted behaviors can be caused by: 
• unpleasant past experiences
• poor training
• stress and pressure
• mistreatment
• the dog not understanding how to deal with the environment around it

About Our Behavior Modification Experience

Founder and head trainer, Joe Secreti, has over 35 years of experience dealing with all breeds, temperaments, and sizes of dog and has owned many dogs with behavioral issues. Joe has years of hands-on experience training:

• shelter dogs 
• dogs with unknown pasts
• fighting and bait dogs
• environmentally sheltered dogs
• neglected dogs
• aggressive dogs
• fearful dogs
• dogs that have high levels of anxiety 

He understands how to work with dogs to help them learn what behaviors are unacceptable and what behaviors are desired. Our staff at Maximum Canine has been personally trained by Joe, to deal with and rehabilitate these dogs. 

Board & Train Behavior Modification

Our expertly trained Maximum Canine Trainers will spend time bonding with your dog and discovering what motivates them. Understanding what motivates them is how our trainers can best set up their learning environment so that your dog understands the value of working with us. We put emphasis on playing and working together to form a strong bond. Once the dog trusts us and wants to work with us we can start increasing distractions and begin to address inappropriate behaviors.

This is all done during our comprehensive Board and Train training. These training packages offer a customized-to-your-dog program, so your dog has no other choice but to thrive! 

This Training is Great For:

Behavior Modification

Basic to Advanced Obedience

Expedited Results

Repetition & Change in Environment

Confidence Building