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Behavior Modification Dog Training

Our dog behavior modification training helps dog owners change how their dog reacts to outside influences.

dog behavior modification services

The Behavior Modification Center at Maximum Canine

Behavior modification uses several different methods to change a dog’s emotional and behavioral
patterns, related to a trigger, that their owner finds inappropriate. It teaches the dog to cope with these
triggers positively.

The veterinarian-recommended Behavior Modification Center at Maximum Canine is run by a team of
compassionate, qualified behavior consultants led by owner and head trainer Joe Secreti. Joe shares
his formal education, lifetime devotion to rehabilitating misunderstood dogs, 36 years of experience
as a K9 handler, dog sport competitor, and, trainer with his team to promote the program's success.

The success of our program is based on treating each dog as an individual. We work with the dog’s
owners to achieve their specific goals. The foundation of our program relies on relationship-building,
positive reinforcement, confidence-building, counter-conditioning, and play. When needed our team is
open to other approaches using the least intrusive, minimally aversive strategy out of a set of humane
and effective tactics. These tools allow the dog to successfully progress through each stage of training
and help them reach their full potential. We train the dog to respond to situations and triggers in an
acceptable manner. Our team collaborates with veterinary behaviorists and other behavior
professionals when appropriate to help the dog succeed.

Behavior modification can be used to help:

• aggression toward dogs and other animals
• aggression toward people
• resource guarding
• reactivity
• fear

Behavior problems can be caused by:

• Environmental sensitivities
• unpleasant experiences
• ineffective training
• environmentally sheltered dogs
• stress and pressure
• mistreatment
• genetics

Board & Train Behavior Modification

Our expertly trained Maximum Canine Trainers will spend time bonding with your dog and discovering what motivates them. Understanding what motivates them is how our trainers can best set up their learning environment so that your dog understands the value of working with us. We put emphasis on playing and working together to form a strong bond. Once the dog trusts us and wants to work with us we can start increasing distractions and begin to address inappropriate behaviors.

This is all done during our comprehensive Board and Train training. These training packages offer a customized-to-your-dog program, so your dog has no other choice but to thrive! 

This Training is Great For:

Behavior Modification

Basic to Advanced Obedience

Expedited Results

Repetition & Change in Environment

Confidence Building