Joe Secreti

Joe Secreti

Owner/Head trainer/Handler


  • B.A in Management S.U.N.Y Stony Brook
  • NYS Licensed Security Guard
  • TWIC (Transportation worker Identification Card)
  • Multiple Executive Protection Certifications
  • AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen Evaluator)
  • Schutzhund USA Certified Decoy
  • ADRK German Certified Schutzhund decoy (1 of 2 Americans)
  • Dog Behaviorist 230 Hour Certification School of Dog Training and Careers Inc.
  • Multiple Explosive Detection Dog Certifications Under The American working dogs Organization And Trip Wire Operations Group
  • K9 Law Enforcement Certification Las Vegas CE
  • PA Municipal police officers education & training commission K9 certification CE

Memberships and clubs:

  • USCA Schutzhund USA
  • USRC United States Rottweiler Club
  • RKNA Rottweiler Klub of North America
  • ADRK Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub
  • AWDF American Working Dog Federation
  • AWDA American Working Dog Association
  • American Working Dog Organization
  • National Association Of Professional Canine Handlers
  • IACP international Association Of Canine Professionals
  • Mid island Schutzhund Club
  • Pine Barrens Schutzhund Club
  • BARK Big Apple Rottweiler Klub

Joe’s background with dogs started at the young age of 7, when he adopted his personal first dog; her name was Athena.  Athena was an abused and neglected 3-4 year old German Shepherd mix. Because of all the abuse that she endured, it took many months of providing TLC and socialization in order rehabilitate Athena. It was a long road but the day came when she turned into a young boy’s best friend. This early experience was key in developing Joe’s passion for improving the lives of dogs. The outcome was extremely rewarding and from that moment on, Joe  was addicted. In the years to follow, Joe rescued, inherited, and purchased many different dogs and in doing so, acquired a skill and passion for dog training.

Through the years, Joe has  been fortunate enough to be given many different opportunities to explore and develop his relationship and love for dogs. When Joe  was young, he gained valuable experience working at a boarding facility. He was also the one to call if you needed a dog sitter or help with training, which he did for fun. As he grew older, his passion grew and he had the desire to be more involved in the dog community grew as well. Joe started spending time with local trainers who had backgrounds in advanced obedience, personal protection training, belgium ring sport, and Schutzhund. With this experience, Joe started experimenting with his own dogs at a higher level; as he learned, he beganto provide part-time pet training services. Joe eventually joined a local Schutzhund Working Dog Club which grew his infatuation with the sport and he quickly became intrigued with the ability of working and sport dogs. Over the years Joe has handled, trained, and decoyed many dogs at various levels of the Schutzhund sport. He has competed with his own Belgian Malinois and Rottweilers. Joe earned titles ranging from BH, BST, ZTP, IPO1, IPO2, and IPO3. Joe competed at the club level as well as the National level. Joe has achieved high in tracking, high obedience, high protection as well as high In trial multiple times.

Joe also spent time with a local PSA club training his dutch shepherd, Lupo, in the PSA sport (Protection Dog Association).

One of Joe’s most rewarding passions is developing a proper foundation for protection and sport dogs. He has the knowledge and “dog-sense” to build a foundation in prey, defense, and fight drive, while building a proper bite. He enjoys the sense of security that he gives people when he trains their personal protection dogs for homes and businesses.

Joe keeps his personal focus on competing at a high level in Schutzhund (IPO) Sport with his competition bred Secreti Haus Rottweilers.

Secreti Haus is a Rottweiler breeding program was formed after many years owning, training, and competing with the breed in Schutzhund as well as Rottweiler Sieger conformation shows. Today Joe  continues  to show and compete nationally and internationally. Over the years Secreti Haus Rottweilers has many proud accomplishments in the Sieger show ring including multiple V1, multiple Youth Siegerin and Sieger, Siegerin and Sieger, select males andfemales, best puppies, champions, and his dogs have earned 1st place in multiple kennel classes—including at the Rottweiler National Championships. On the Schutzhund field, his dogs have earned BST, ZTP, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, and high in multiple categories; one of his proudest moments was receiving V3 and V4 in The ADRK Klub Sieger In Germany. Joe’s goal is to better the breed by using an ethical breeding program that follows the FCI and ADRK German standards. Secreti Haus is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the quality of the Rottweiler breed. They proudly breed European bloodlines that are consistent and proven. They are fully committed to the breeding of healthy and trainable dogs with excellent temperaments, high intelligence, superior workability, and prized physical qualities for conformation.

Joe found an opportunity to learn even more about working dogs by volunteering at Amdetech Detection Services, a working K9 detection kennel in Connecticut. At Amdetech Joe learned to train and handle all levels of dogs from Green to advanced in narcotics and explosives. He was fortunate enough to train multiple dogs from start to finish and handle them during third party certification. Eventually Joe was offered a part time job handling dogs for Amdetech where he worked as a K9 explosive detection handler in many of the seaports in New York City. Joe’s experience with  Amdetech Detection Services included K9 port security guard for the waterfront commission of NYC, a K9 security officer in many of the seaports in NYC, working for Disney and Carnival cruise lines as an explosive K9 handler; his duties included, but were not limited to baggage sweeps, and searching cargo, personal, cabin, tractor trailers and vehicles.

After working for Amdetech, Joe worked as a private contractor for many security companies in the tri-state area. He has worked for home owners, business owners , Private air flights, high net worth clientele in the entertainment industry, and many Middle Eastern royal families. Joe and his team continue offering private K9 detection  services under the Maximum K9 Detection brand.

Joe has attended many classes, seminars and workshops. Today Joe continues to travel nationally and internationally to attend dog related seminars, workshops and sport competitions. He regularly trains with friends locally as well as ones as far as  Belgium and Germany

Joe has owned many dogs since child hood and has dealt with many health issues, including allergies, skin irritations, dry coats, dental and gum disease, digestion problems, cancers, elbow/hip dysplasia, and ligament damage. In dealing with these horrible circumstances, Joe has spent a good part of his life experimenting with dog nutrition, health, and exercise programs to increase quality and longevity of his personal dogs’ lives.

In his research Joe came across interesting information provided by nutritionists, veterinarians, and dog lovers explaining the importance of a dog’s diet and how it relates to many underlying health issues. Joe’s journey led himto information regarding different feeding methods, like balanced home cooked meals and raw natural  diets. Joe read many books and articles about the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet. Through trial and error, research, dedication, and various certification programs, Joe realized that the best way to ensure the health of his dogs was to follow how dogs were designed to eat. In the early 1990’s, before raw food was a popular trend, Joe started experimenting different aspects of the raw food industry;  he did everything from making his own food blends, purchasing assorted raw bases from local suppliers and supplementing when needed, purchasing raw complete diets from retailers, and became a small distributor for a raw food brand.

Joes  quest to make the dogs’ lives healthier has led him to the opening of Max Natural Dog Co. This natural food market continues  to educate dog owners on the  benefit of natural feeding. Max Natural Dog Co. offers natural raw diets, natural treats, and healthy natural supplements.