New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Dog

The New Year is here! It's a perfect time to adopt healthier habits, not just for ourselves but also for our dogs. Dogs deserve their share of positive changes too! Here are six essential resolutions to ensure a healthy, happy, and fulfilling year for both you and your beloved dog:

  1. Keep Your Pup Fit with a Dog Treadmill:
    Most dog breeds naturally crave long walks and runs. However, daily walks may not provide enough exercise, especially when the weather is unfavorable. A dog treadmill, like the Dog Runner Tracks, is the solution, offering controlled exercise to keep your dog active and prevent destructive behavior, even in bad weather.
  1. Improve Dental Health with Dog Chews:
    Enhance your dog's dental health by providing chew toys and bones. These not only keep them entertained but also help scrape away tartar from their teeth, leading to healthier gums and fresher breath. Chewing also promotes the production of saliva, a natural cleanser for their mouth. Consider safer alternatives like Anita’s Pure Nutrition chews, which are highly digestible and free from harsh chemicals.
  1. Get Back to Training & Make New Friends:
    Enroll in classes like scent work, agility, or offsite obedience classes to improve your dog's behavior and strengthen your bond. Check out our new space at The Hydrant Pet Hotel in Riverhead, offering Agility and Private Obedience classes.
  1. Improve Travel Safety:
    Invest in a Ruff Land Dog Kennel  to ensure safe journeys, reducing stress and anxiety during travel.
  1. Schedule a Yearly Physical:
    Prioritize your dog's health with an annual wellness check-up from your veterinarian to catch potential health issues early.
  1. Verify Microchip Registration:
    Ensure your dog's microchip information is up-to-date, providing essential information in case of separation or loss. Verified microchip registration offers peace of mind, increasing the chances of a safe return for your dog. If you're unsure about the associated company, you can use the Pet Microchip Lookup service or have your pet's microchip scanned by a veterinarian or major pet retailer.

In a nutshell, these resolutions are your blueprint for a great 2024 with your pup. From training and fitness to dental health and travel safety, we've got you covered. Plus, Maximum Canine offers everything you need in one place – food, training, and supplies!