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Dog Training Costs (and Why it’s Worth the Investment)

When you first bring home a dog, you may have all the best intentions of training them yourself. But each dog has their own personality and natural instincts, so a single or one-size training method may not work. Teaching a dog to obey commands or stop bad habits takes time, patience, and experience. And when DIY dog obedience training doesn't go as planned, you may start to consider hiring a pro.

How much does dog training cost?

If you’ve been thinking about using a professional canine trainer, you may also be wondering about pricing. It’s understandable. So how much does dog training cost? The answer is…it depends. 

When it comes to dog training costs, there are lots of variables to consider. Do you want private one-on-one training or a group class?  Are you looking for someone to come to your home? Is your pet a puppy or an adult rescue? puppy training can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands, and as most dog owners discover quickly, it is well worth the investment. Effective training will help your puppy gain confidence and create positive bonds with you and your family members. It improves the dog’s safety and the safety of those around them. Ultimately, you’ll have a happier dog and a more harmonious relationship with your canine companion.

Group and private dog training prices

Group dog training classes typically range from $30 to $80 a class, while private at-home training costs are $280.00 per session.

At Maximum Canine, our professional dog training services start at $60 a class. Our dog trainers are highly experienced and certified in many types of dog training. Our trainers bring their expertise and knowledge to every engagement.

Basic group training classes, as well as the precision handling class, consist of eight 55-minute sessions for $480. These classes are ideal for building your dog’s confidence while they learn basic to advanced obedience skills. Group training allows your dog to interact with other dogs, helping to build those important socialization skills and learn how to work around distractions with trainer guidance and supervision. You’ll also benefit from the questions and experiences of other dog owners.

You may also choose private lessons at our Deer Park, Long Island facility. These will give you a tailored one-on-one experience in a safe controlled training environment that allows your canine to work through more challenging scenarios. Your dog will be exposed to new people and have opportunities to learn to work around the dogs staying in our kennels. Your dog trainer will show you how to put together a communication system for introducing your dog to new behaviors, expectations, and activities. Prices start at $200.00 an hour. 

Need to address house-specific behaviors? Maximum Canine’s private in-home lessons can be a great option. Hybrid packages that combine in-home and in-facility lessons are also available. Packages start at $1,199.00

How much is puppy training? 

Your precious pup is adorable, but like most puppies, they’re probably a handful. Puppy training can help you keep your dog safe and happy, correct bad habits, and improve their social skills. An effective program will allow you to play and engage with your puppy as you build a lifelong bond and a strong line of communication. It will leverage your dog’s natural instincts and innate skills to help them become a well-mannered member of your family. 

Maximum Canine AKC STAR (Socialization, Training, Activity, and a Responsible owner) group puppy classes for dogs ages nine to eighteen weeks start at $360 which includes six 55-minute group classes at the Maximum Canine Dog Facility. For just $60 a class, you’ll learn how to communicate with your puppy clearly, get your puppy-raising questions answered, and receive plenty of personalized support since classes are kept small.

What about private puppy or dog training?

Want your dog to receive 100% of the trainer’s time and attention then private dog training may be the right choice for you. Maximum Canine private puppy training at Maximum Canine’s Dog Facility includes six 30-minute private classes. Package prices start at $600.00

Prefer having a trainer come to you, Maximum Canine offers in-home puppy training sessions. The cost for five 60-minute sessions starts at $1,399, which may vary depending on the distance from our Deer Park, Long Island training facility.

Dog board and train programs

A board and train program can help expedite training results and also provide more intensive training for behavior modification. At Maximum Canine, our daily and weekly programs give trainers the opportunity to build a bond with each individual dog and help the dog reach as many goals as possible. 

After an evaluation, we will customize a training program to your family’s priorities and your dog’s needs and learning style. Guided by a lead trainer, your dog will be brought to various outside locations and learn to work under the distraction of different dogs in a controlled manner. Your dog will be challenged without being rushed or overwhelmed. They may be introduced to basic agility and dog treadmill sessions, as well as scent work to engage their natural instinct. Prices for 2-week sessions start at $3,300.00. 

Lifetime dog training costs and benefits

As we all know, skills can sometimes get rusty over time. Ongoing training can be very beneficial for keeping behavior issues at bay and for addressing new concerns. That’s why Maximum Canine also offers a Lifetime class. Dogs who complete select training programs and receive trainer approval are eligible to attend a Lifetime class for $20 a class for the life of your dog. The class is designed to sharpen training skills and help you solve any training questions you may run into when training on your own. 

Virtual dog training

Virtual dog training is great If you don’t live nearby and want to train in your own home or need additional assistance to complement your current training program. Virtual dog training has grown in popularity and is an option for building skills and addressing problem behaviors in your preferred environment. Maximum Canine offers live, one-on-one custom virtual training sessions starting at $200.00 per class. 

Why professional dog training is worth the cost

Investing in professional dog training is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a dog owner. It lays the foundation for your pet’s long-term well-being, safety, and happiness. You’ll learn how to interact and communicate effectively with your dog and reduce their stress–and yours. Working as a team you’ll be setting the stage for a strong, rewarding, cooperative, and fulfilling relationship. 

Ready to get started? Maximum Canine Service provides personal dog training to build a positive, cooperative relationship between dogs and owners. We understand every dog is different, and we strive to create a tailored training program for each dog. Contact our professional dog training team to start a one-on-one discussion about your needs.