Wire Quick Release Basket Muzzle

Wire Quick Release Basket Muzzle

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Often used as a training aid, Wire Basket Dog Muzzles are used by the Humane Society, professional dog trainers, police (local law enforcement), and military.

  • Discourage dogs from biting, eating unwanted objects/coprophagia or to heal from oral procedures by safely encompassing their entire mouth so dogs are not a danger to others or themselves
  • Excellent ventilation/breathability
  • Flexible head strap so dog may comfortably wear muzzle for long periods
  • Made from stainless steel wire and durable leather straps

How to measure your dog for this muzzle:

Length - measure your dog from the eyes to the tip of his nose.
Circumference - measure just below the dogs eyes at the widest part, go all the way around the snout. Measure your dog approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch below eyes.
Note: for circumference measurements only, add in 1/2" to 1" inches

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