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How are raw dog food is made

Boesl Packing Company in Maryland, is the manufacturer of our Anita’s Natural Dog Co. Balanced Plus and Prey Model raw food blends that were developed with the help of a PhD in Animal Nutrition, Richard Patton, to be balanced and complete. Boesl was the first dog food manufacturer to become USDA certified!

The blends are made in a 21,000 square foot plant using stainless steel, human-grade equipment, industrial refrigeration and freezing. Strict sanitation standards are adhered to throughout the production process.

The food is then packed on site following a cold-manufacturing method. This means that all raw food items will remain below 28 degrees Fahrenheit during the entire production and packing process. This process is strictly followed to avoid the outbreak of harmful bacteria. Small batches are consistently and accurately measured to maintain quality, nutritional value, and texture.

All raw food is placed into airtight packaging to ensure freshness and avoid contamination. To further avoid contamination, all equipment is sanitized daily and in between the production of different protein formulas.