Dog Runner Treadmills Help Build a Dog's Muscle

High-quality electric treadmills like our Dog Runner Treadmills can help build your dog’s muscle by applying the concept of resistance through any incline you set. Dog Runner Ortho Pro,  as well as Dog Runner Revolution Pro, make it much easier to create a custom cross-training workout for any dog fitness level.

If your dog has never been on a treadmill, a 3% incline can be enough to build muscle. Now, a dog like our Ally here, needs the incline raised for more resistance because she's an extremely fit sport dog. 

build dog muscle

However, when she started her workouts on Dog Runner Treadmills, she, like any other first-time treadmill user, began with a 3% incline and we slowly increased the incline over time to avoid injury. With the control of the treadmill and assistance from you, it's a lot easier to identify when your dog is ready for more of an incline.

A Dog Treadmill Appropriate for All Breeds

These electric treadmills can be used by all dog breeds, as well as all types of dogs! Whether you have a family pet, or a dog that participates in sports, these treadmills can help not only provide great conditioning for them, but also helps with behavior modification.

Dog owners, and dog handlers love Dog Runner treadmills for their most serious dog sport competitors and professional working dogs, too. It's the ease of use that appeals to all dog lovers. Plus, it's quiet.