Why Feed Raw


raw dog food dietToday people are recognizing the importance of eating healthier foods. We are more educated and in tune with how processed and preserved foods negatively affect our health. When purchasing food for our families we carefully inspect all of the ingredients. Why have we become such defensive shoppers? The answer is simple. It’s because we are being poisoned by the convenience of prepared foods. It is easy to distinguish the difference in how one feels when eating good food vs. bad food. If dogs were able to talk I guarantee they would tell us how terrible they feel when fed “commercial dog food.”

Dogs have become domesticated so that life is more convenient for their owners. Unfortunately, with this domestication process we took many of their freedoms away. Our dogs give us 110% of their dedication, love and forgiveness. Sadly as a whole, we don’t do the same for them. The least we could do for our beloved pets is feed them what their body requires. Regrettably, since the creation of commercial dog food we drifted further and further away from what nature intended. In the past dogs ate fresh meats, bones, veggies and fruits. Today, most dogs are eating commercial grade, chemically enhanced dog food.

These big dog food companies are putting in bare minimum of what is required however, they continue to have marketing wars where they promote all natural fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. It is evident that commercial dog food is equivalent to human fast food. This means that the “good” commercial dog food is comparable to our best fast food. These foods are designed for convenience not for ultimate nutrition. Dogs should be fed what they were designed to eat, not what we design them to eat. Commercial dog foods all contain processed grains or cereals that dogs do not digest properly. These processed, cooked foods lack the very important enzymes and vitamins that dogs need. Many of the nutrients are also depleted because of the excessive storage and extended time spent sitting around in warehouses and retail shops. These large dog food companies are marketing machines and they do a great job at making one believe that a bag of processed cereal is just as good as a safe, fresh, natural and balanced diet. This is clearly not the case. Too often recalls on commercial dog food or treats is announced in the media. All the companies do is put a band aid on the problem. The only way to fix the problem is to stop the manufacturing of this unhealthy food. Nature created a diet that works, why must we change it?


Benefits of Raw Natural Diet:

Cleaner Teeth: No teeth brushing is required, no veterinarian visits for dental cleanings, decrease gum disease and bad breath. Raw meaty bones are nature’s dental treatment.

Cleaner Ears: Raw natural diets help maintain a dry, odorless, clean ear.

Flea Freedom: If your dog has a severe flea problem, it is often a signal that their health is not as it should be. Many commercial pet foods are nutritionally inadequate and contain harmful additives and by-products. Fresh, whole, raw foods are vital because they provide digestive enzymes and vitamins. By feeding your animals a high-quality, natural diet, free of additives and preservatives, you improve their health and dramatically increase their protection from fleas. A healthy animal does not taste or smell as good to fleas.

Anal gland problems: A natural raw balanced diet will produce a healthy firm stool. The gland over time will empty naturally.

Decrease in Body Fat: Dogs fed raw natural diets will lose body fat, giving them a leaner look and less sluggish drive.

Increase Muscle Mass: Dogs who consume raw natural diets will not only become leaner, but will also increase their muscle mass. The wider chests and narrow belly look will be achieved.

Coat and Skin Improvement: Dogs who consume raw natural diets will digest quality proteins, fats and vitamins making their coats shiny, colorful and their skin naturally moisturized.

Reduction in Body Odor: Dogs who consume raw natural diets will have less waste and start to have a friendly aroma which will lead to less washing.

Energy Levels: Dogs who consume raw natural diets will be more alert and have an increase in stamina.

Enjoyment of Eating: Your dog will look forward to eating more than ever.

Decrease in Water Consumption: A raw natural diet is comprised of moisture unlike kibble based diets. Your dog will be more hydrated throughout the day. He will not spend long periods of time hovering over his water bowl.

Less Defecation: Your dog will now defecate in smaller amount because of how highly digestible the diet is.

Recommended Cancer Diet: Cancer is known to feed off of carbohydrates. Today many dogs have been coming down with different cases of cancer. I don’t know if it’s the food, environment or vaccinations we’re giving our dogs nevertheless, raw natural diets contain very few carbohydrates.

Fewer Medical Bills: Because of the information listed above and the fact that a dog on a raw diet will have a stronger immune system to fight off disease, vet visits and needed medications will drastically decrease.