Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dogs are used by a medical professional or volunteer to aide someone other than the handler. Therapy dogs often visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, etc., to lift spirits of patients and educate students. They must pass the AKC Canine Good Citi-zenship (CGC) test or similar behavioral testing and it is recommended that they go through some kind of distraction training such as the AKC Community Canine test as well since they need to be sound around all kinds of medical equipment, people, envi-ronments, and sounds. These dogs are NOT protected by the ADA or the Fair Hous-ing/Air Carrier Access Acts and do not have public access rights.

Maximum K9 is certified to give both the CGC and Community Canine tests and can help your dog become desensitized to a variety of medical equipment and situations. We can also help your dog prepare for testing by a therapy dog organization such as Therapy Dogs International (TDI).

The TDI test includes:
Group exercises:
  • Basic Obedience
  • Supervised Separation
  • Getting through a crowd
  • Group Sit/Stay
  • Group Down/Stay
  • Visit with a Patient
Individual exercises:
  • Reaction to unusual situations
  • pass a person on crutches
  • pass a person running and waving their hands
  • loud noise near the dog
  • Heeling pattern (left turn, right turn, about turn, stop and sit, down)
  • Leave it- dog refuses a treat from a patient
  • Leave it- dog ignores food and water left on the floor
  • Meeting another dog
  • Walking politely through the door
  • Reaction to loud children

All dogs must be wearing a flat collar or non-correction harnesses at all times.

Maximum K9’s Therapy Dog Preparation course will prepare your dog for the Therapy Dogs International test described above. The test must be performed on a regular, buckle collar or non-restrictive harness. We will expose your dog to distractions, loud noises, crutches, walkers, and wheel chairs, as well as teaching your dog to ignore food offered from patients.

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