Emotional Support Animals

An ESA is an animal that a medical professional has determined provides a benefit to a person at home or while traveling. These animals are protected under the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act to allow them to live with their owner in no-animal housing situations and travel with their animals. They are NOT considered service dogs and are not protected under the ADA for public access. While there is no specific training that an ESA must go through, it is important that the animal be well behaved—owners will likely be held responsible for any damage the animal causes in a no-animal living situation—and, although it it not required, should go through rigorous preparation before traveling with the owner to alleviate any discomfort to the animal which may result in the animal acting out towards other travelers (i.e. If you are taking your dog on a plane under the Air Carrier Access Act, your dog may become nervous, and more likely to lash out, due to the loud noise and close quarters of an airplane so you should prepare your dog by taking him to loud, pet friendly locations to get him used to being crowded and hearing unusual noises).

Maximum K9 is able to put the basic obedience in place for your dog to be a solid citizen at home and help proof the dog for any travel it might assist with by providing distraction and crowd training in a variety of pet friendly environments. Our basic and advanced obedience programs, combined with a Canine Good Citizenship and Community Canine tests are the perfect way to prepare your emotional support animal for as many situations as possible.

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