About Our Training

An owner must understand that dogs are not people; they therefore have different requirements and priorities. Dogs benefit from a carefully maintained balance of training, social interaction, and desensitization to outside stimuli.

Maximum K9’s training programs are designed to create a way for you to communicate clearly with your dog. Our balanced training method is based on your dog understanding pack hierarchy and marking wanted behaviors with high reward and value while creating clear, consistent consequences for unwanted behavior. Our program begins with building a bond with your dog and using lots of value to shape wanted behaviors, only when the dog understands value can we begin to teach them that unwanted behaviors are not allowed. Once your dog understands the balanced method of training and has a basic understanding of its commands, we begin to introduce longer distance and duration of the commands under higher distractions. This balanced training approach creates a dog that enjoys working with you because it understands what is expected of it.

We offer evaluations to come up with an initial plan to help you and your dog achieve success, but we also understand that no two dogs are the same and can improvise the plan to suit your needs as the dog progresses.

We have developed a general training system, which we will use to help you make the most of your relationship with your dog. The system is as follows

  • Formation of a clear, structured training plan to reach your goals
  • Clear, consistent communication through a common language
    • Establishing hierarchy within the pack.
    • Understanding of balanced training: positive and negative markers to associate right and wrong behaviors trust building activities
  • Physical and mental stimulation
  • Socialization around many people and animals to create a neutral dog in as many situations as possible
  • Desensitization to different environments and situations
  • Time to just be a dog