Ruff Land™ XL Kennel
Ruff Land™ XL Kennel

Ruff Land™ XL Kennel

Made to fit through narrow doorways.

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The Ruff Land™ XL kennel is made with the same tough material of our other kennels.

  • Accommodate your largest breed of dog.
  • Designed with straighter sides this kennel can fit through narrow doorways such as campers.
  • Keep in mind the side entry will add 1 1/2" to the width. Vent hole pattern displayed comes standard (1 3/8") with two finger holes in the back.
  • All kennel sizes are outfitted with composite doors, wire door option available for purchase.



Length: 40 1/4"

Width: 22 1/4" at widest point

Height: 30 1/2"


Length: 39"

Width: 22" at widest point

Height: 28"


Length: 38 1/2"

Width: 19"

Weight: Approx. 42 pounds

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