Ruff Land™ Large Kennel
Ruff Land™ Large Kennel

Ruff Land™ Large Kennel

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This Ruff Land™ large dog kennel is perfect for your larger breed of dog or for kenneling at home.

  • It can be stacked or coupled for transport in a boarding or vet clinic setting.
  • Vent hole pattern displayed comes standard (1 3/8″), with two finger holes in the back.

Please note that the double door front and back version will have slightly less interior space than the single door due to the additional door cut-out and the side entry styles will add 1 1/2" to the width.



Length: 35.5″ (including door)

Width: 22 1/4″ at widest point

Height: 26 1/2″ (including rise on top)


Length: 34″

Width: 22″ at widest point

Height: 25″


Length: 33″

Width: 17 1/2″

Weight: Approx. 30 pounds

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