Personal and Executive Dog Protection


A personal or executive protection dog will enhance your and your family's security and add to your quality of life. Top level business executives and high profile personalities frequently use personal protection dogs to provide serious protection. Home invasion has been the leading crime in the USA for the past few years.  This crime leaves many people vulnerable and feeling exposed. Having a personal or executive protection dog allows people to not  loose the sense of security we’d normally have in our homes and in our daily lives. Maximum K9 Service provides training in Long Island, NY for personal and executive dog protection services.

What type of protection dog do you need?

Personal Protection Dog to Protect Your Family 

When you’re looking for a family protection dog, you want to be sure the dog has the right skill set. A dog that will lovingly and safely interact with your children, and yet be willing to protect your family no matter what, is a great guard dog.

Persoanl protection dogs trained at Maximum K9 Services are ultimately the highest level of specialty service you can invest in to protect your family from any threat coming from any direction inside or outside your home.  Your dog is still the family pet that is sociable and safe animal to have around the home. As with all of our protection level dogs an initial assessment is required to determine if the dog has suitable genetic qualities to participate in this training.

Maximum K9 Service will help train your dog to become your personal protection dog. Call us at (631) 940-1511 to learn more.

Executive Dog Protection

Executive protection dogs are perfect security for high nets worth individuals and business executive living or traveling to or from Long Island, NY. Individuals working in high-powered positions often attract the wrong kind of attention due to their success or celebrity status. A highly-trained executive protection dog will go a long way in deterring unwanted attention while proving an affectionate companion for an added security.

Having another set of eyes, exceptioinal detection of smell and long distance hearing, with bone crushing and intruder stopping capabilities as having as your security partner along with a highly trained bodyguard - is not only a must, it is essential for high network individuals.

Executive protection dogs are comfortable working in the business environment, enjoy traveling and are well-behaved with children and adults. They also like to new and exciting atmospheres such flying on a private jets and yachts. Our certified trainers in Long Island will train the dog to your specific requirements, making them intelligent and fearless from any outside intrusions by almost making them your secret service agents guarding you and your family. Criminals will not want to attack you or come up against is your trained dog.

Maximum K9 Service has access to German Shepherds imported from Germany as well as dogs in the U.S with champion German bloodlines.

Please contact us at (631) 940-1511 to discuss our available personal or executive protection dog training service at our facility located on Long Island, NY.