Guide to Executive Security Dog Training on Long Island


Family protection dogs are becoming increasingly popular due to busy schedules and lifestyles. Long Island dog owners commonly seek out a family pet as well as a loyal dog that is fearless, confident and protective. In addition to these impressive qualities they also need to get along well with children. There are a few dog breeds that meet these high standards and will provide you and your family with the protection you desire. Whether you are at home or traveling the world, a family guard dog will be by your side.

Benefits of an Executive Security Dog

Security dogs are alert and protective of your property and your family. When your security alarm is only able to detect a problem once an intruder is already vandalizing or entering your property, your security dog has the ability to alert you beforehand. This gives you and your family valuable time to contact the Long Island police department and find a safe room to hide within your home.

Protecting children is another important benefit of having a security dog. How many times have you been concerned to allow your children to play alone in the yard? Your security dog will quickly protect your children by attacking any stranger that intends to harm them. Security dogs have a natural bond with children that allow them to instinctively protect at all costs.

Personal protection dogs are often well behaved and capable of handling travel well. If you and your family have a busy lifestyle that includes frequent traveling to or from Long Island, NY area, a guard dog will be an excellent security investment. While there are a variety of travel requirements for planes, trains and destinations worldwide, a highly skilled guard dog is sure to meet standards easily.

Executive Security Dog Requirements

Dogs have to be at least one year of age to begin training to become a security dog. They also have to be obedience trained and vaccinations need to be current. The best dog breeds for security work are German shepherd, Rottweiler, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Doberman pinscher, and Akita. Additionally, the dog must display certain personality traits including: confidence, neutrality, awareness, and decisiveness. These dog breeds and personality traits have a natural guarding instinct that is enhanced with proper security dog training.

Length of Training

The length of training is determined by your dog’s ability to learn. Every dog learns at his or her own pace. Most training facilities offer private lessons by appointment to help your dog focus on the training. Before beginning the training sessions your dog will be evaluated by staff to determine his or her training level and beginning status.

How to Choose a Training Facility

Once your decision is final and you choose to train your dog to become a protection dog, the search for the perfect training facility begins. Dog security training facilities on Long Island should offer indoor or outdoor training areas with flooring that has traction. They should also be able to provide multiple environmental scenarios for your dog in order to ensure your dog is composed and ready in all situations. The facility should also provide a variety of agility equipment, jumps, A frames, urban agility obstacles, bottle curtains, IPO blinds, scent detection walls, bottle pits, bridges, tunnels and more. You will want to seek out highly educated and experienced trainers and friendly, professional staff. Visit the facility location with your dog to assure they will feel comfortable in the surroundings and with the training staff.

Developing a strong bond with your dog is the beginning of a loyal relationship. Having a guard dog is an excellent way of providing yourself and your family with a high level of personal security. You will be gaining a reliable protector that will be loyal and remain by your side.

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