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C-Comb Puppy Cut on a Pekingese Mix

The adorable, sturdy Pekingese is a well-balanced toy breed dog, which originated in China. Their tiny faces almost look lion-like, so sometimes they are referred to as “Lion Dogs”. The Pekingese dogs are small, so they are good for smaller living spaces such as apartments, while also being intelligent and affectionate. Proper professional Pekingese grooming in Long Island, NY will go a long way in making your pet feel good about themselves and enjoy a healthy life. Pekingese grooming can be a demanding task, so finding the right professional Pekingese groomer with the sufficient experience and skills is important. What are some areas to pay attention to when it comes to Pekingese grooming? Let's consider the dog's coat, ears, and nails.

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Grooming the Fur of the Pekingese

The Pekingese dog has a luxurious coat. It may seem like a daunting job to keep it in pristine condition. That is one reason why it is beneficial to make an appointment with a qualified dog groomer. Pekingese dogs possess a “double-coat”. They have a long, straight coat, which may be a bit coarse. Underneath that, the Pekingese has a thick and soft undercoat. The dog requires brushing on a regular, daily basis to keep it free of mats and unsightly knots. Brushing will also keep the coat healthy and looking at its peak condition. Maximum K9 Service is proud to experienced groomers who are happy to perform all of your Pekingese grooming needs. It is highly recommended to have your dog's fur pampered with conditioner during the bathing process. The conditioner will help in the prevention of matting and knotting. It's also a good idea to ask your groomer about utilizing a Furminator. The Furminator is a grooming tool which is used to decrease shedding for your Pekingese, helping your pet become a tidier member of the house! In many cases, tear stains on the face of the Pekingese can pose a problem. An experienced groomer will want to clean up tear stains as part of a professional Pekingese grooming regimen. Left untreated and uncleaned, these stains can become permanent. It is worth the extra effort from your groomer to keep your Pekingese looking its best. While your groomer is caring for the dog's facial area, you should also ask for a thorough teeth brushing. This will prevent plaque build up and foul breath.

Pekingese Ear Care

Part of the standard care when it comes to Pekingese grooming is ear plucking. Extra, untidy ear fur should be checked and gently removed. Dogs who do not get their little ears plucked on a regular basis may be prone to ear infections. Sadly, in extreme cases these types of infections can eventually lead to deafness. Professional grooming of your Pekingese must always entail the special attention paid to the ears.

How Should a Pekingese's Nails Be Groomed?

Many dog owners are familiar with the clicking and tapping of their pet's nails on a wood or tile floor. Small breeds, such as the Pekingese, often experience issues when it comes to overgrown nails. Without regular grooming, the nails of the Pekingese dog tend to curl under the paw, and into the sensitive paw pad. Nail grinding is a highly recommended option by Maximum K9 groomers. Using a nail grinder will keep your Pekingese's nails at the proper length and with a smooth finish on the ends. It will also save your floors and furniture from needless scratches.

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Final Thoughts on Pekingese Grooming in Long Island, NY

Pekingese dogs truly are happy, confident little companions. Pekingese dog grooming should absolutely be a part of your dog's health and maintenance. Regularly scheduled dog grooming will keep the coat of your Pekingese beautiful and free of knots and odors. A Pekingese with healthy ears, eyes, teeth, and nails will be looking great for many years. Consider Maximum K9 Service for your Pekingese dog grooming, and you'll be ecstatic with the results.