Professional Goldendoodle Grooming in Long Island, NY


Number 2 Blade Goldendoodle Puppy Hair Cut

Poodle hybrids have certainly increased in popularity over the past several decades. Among the most popular and desired is the wonderful goldendoodle. A cross between a Golden Retriever and a poodle, the goldendoodle has especially been a favorite in the United States since the 1990's. If you are lucky enough to have a goldendoodle, you quickly come to know that its beautiful, attractive coat can be quite a challenge to maintain in a thorough manner. To avoid health problems, bad odors, and unsightly entanglements, it is vital to seek proper care for your dog with a goldendoodle grooming service in Long Island, NY. Goldendoodle grooming requires patience, experience, and a tender touch. What are the primary steps to take for grooming success? Let's briefly consider proper goldendoodle grooming of three areas: the coat, the ears, and the teeth.

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Grooming the Goldendoodle's Fur

The coat presents the most work and requires the most diligence for a goldendoodle groomer. Goldendoodles generally do not shed profusely. Therefore they do need to be brushed on a regular basis, in order to keep their coat clean and free from mats and tangles. As a rule, the wavier or curlier the coat, the less the goldendoodle will shed. The dog may shed a bit more if it happens to have a straighter coat. It is highly recommended that you brush your pet's coat several times during the week of the professional grooming in Long Island, NY. It is especially important to make sure your goldendoodle is thoroughly brushed and de-matted before bathing! Bathing a knotted coat can present frustrating problems for you and painful problems for your dog. The experienced groomers at Maximum K9 have the requisite skills to deal with larger breeds, and have the quality tools to keep your dog's fur gorgeous and knot-free! It's a great idea to bring your goldendoodle in every other week for walk-in de-mattings between groomings. As far as bath-time, ask for oatmeal shampoo. Goldendoodles tend to have sensitive skin, and the special oatmeal shampoo provides some extra soothing care. Conditioner for the fur is also a must if your goldendoodle has a longer coat. Trimming the extra hair above the eyes is also part of standard goldendoodle grooming at Maximum K9 in Long Island, NY.

Goldendoodle Ear Care

Before the actual bathing, it is important to pluck the unnecessary, overgrown fur from the goldendoodle's ears. Ear plucking should be performed on a regular routine, and is also part of standard goldendoodle grooming at Maximum K9. It is a preventative measure against the threat of ear infections, which can lead to deafness in extreme or untreated cases. The groomer will use their pointer finger and thumb to gently but thoroughly remove small tufts of fur from the ear.

Cleaning the Goldendoodle's Teeth

Goldendoodles have a tendency to easily get bad breath. While chewing bones can certainly help keep the teeth clean, a thorough teeth brushing is important. Maximum K9 groomers in Long Island, NY have the experience to handle the teeth-cleaning job! Regular brushing of your goldendoodle's teeth is paramount in avoiding dental disease.  In between brushings, you can help to improve the health of your dog's mouth with raw dog food.  Raw food has been shown to decrease gum disease and bad breath, while keeping your dog's teeth cleaner than regular dog food.  Any mouth-related disease can be painful, costly, and lead to other illnesses. Make sure to ask your Maximum K9 groomer to brush your goldendoodle's teeth for a fresh and healthy smile!

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Final Thoughts on Goldendoodle Grooming

When you take your beloved pet to the goldendoodle groomer, don't hesitate to express any specifics you may have for your pet's desired look. Remember to to brush your goldendoodle regularly in between grooming visits. Please consult our groomers to make sure you have the proper brushes and combs to accomplish the task. Feel free to walk in to Maximum K9 in Deer Park, Long Island for a thorough brushing of your goldendoodle to avoid fur matting. Maximum K9 also is happy to provide special shampoo and conditioner for your furry best friend. From the coat, the eyes, the ears, the teeth, and the nails, properly and regularly having your goldendoodle groomed will keep your pet looking awesome and feeling great!