Cockapoo Grooming: Professional Cockapoo Care in Long Island, NY


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Cockapoos are an adorable, popular breed of dog. They are, as their name suggests, typically a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a miniature or toy poodle. Cockapoos are energetic and playful companions. Cockapoos have lovely, luxurious coats and sweet, soulful eyes. Therefore proper cockapoo grooming should be of utmost concern to a responsible and caring cockapoo owner. Due to the special characteristics of the breed, it takes an experienced professional cockapoo groomer to give your dog the extra care that it requires. What steps are involved in excellent and thorough cockapoo grooming? What should you look for when searching for the right groomer for your beloved cockapoo?  This brief guide will provide all the information you and your furry friend will need regarding three specific areas: Fur, Ears, and Nails.

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Caring For Your Cockapoo's Fur

The cockapoo's fur is exceptionally thick and curly. This is what gives it's coat such a beautiful and coveted look. Unfortunately, it also makes the fur susceptible to getting matted and tangled, which is an unsightly problem. To prevent this nuisance for you and your cockapoo, your dog should be brushed regularly between professional groomings. Daily brushing is optimal to prevent the fur from getting matted. It can also help to keep your cockapoo clean. The coat should also be brushed several times the week before the grooming. At Maximum K9 our groomers take pride in doing a thorough job while trimming, brushing, and cleaning your cockapoo. For a small fee, our groomers can even pamper your cockapoo with conditioner during bath-time. This will leave the coat extra soft, and help prevent knots and mats. Regular professional grooming and a frequent brushing regimen can help you avoid the need to shave your dog, which can be the result of  overly-matted fur. Remember: the longer your cockapoo's fur gets, the easier it is for the fur to mat. The experienced groomers at Maximum K9 are happy to recommend the right brushes and quality combs for proper fur maintenance at home.

Proper Cockapoo Ear Care

At least a couple of times a month you should gently inspect your cockapoo's ears. Obviously if your dog is scratching his ears frequently or continually shaking his head, you'll want to inspect immediately. The responsible owner will want to be checking the cockapoo's ears for redness or signs of irritation. The ears of the cockapoo can be prone to infection. What can add to the threat of ear infection is if the ear is not regularly plucked of extra fur. As part of the standard cockapoo grooming package at Maximum K9, ear plucking is considered serious business by our groomers! Infections can lead to deafness in some cases, so all preventative measures should be taken.

Checking Your Cockapoo's Nails

Have you ever heard the click, click, clicking of a dog's paws on a wood or tile floor? Then your cockapoo might need some professional nail care! Properly trimmed nails are less likely to mark up your floors and less likely to leave scratches on furniture (and your skin!). More importantly, nails that are ignored can eventually curl into the cockapoo's paw pad, causing discomfort, pain, and possible infection. Professional cockapoo grooming is your best choice to care for your pet's nails in a gentle and thorough fashion. Professional nail grinding will leave your cockapoo's nails smooth and at just the right length. Our groomers can also provide you with home nail care options, for taking care of them in between groomings.

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Final Thoughts on Cockapoo Grooming

Professional cockapoo grooming is important for a healthy, happy cockapoo. Since cockapoos are so playful and energetic, and have such challenging fur to maintain, regular cockapoo grooming should really be a priority. Between scheduled professioanl groomings, remember to brush your cockapoo often. Brushes, combs, and nail files are a great help in keeping your cockapoo fresh at home in between groomings. By taking special care of your dog's fur, ears, nails, and paws, your cockapoo will be silly and cute for many years! Let the caring professionals of Maximum K9 Service provide a helping hand.