The key to any successful detection dog is found in its genetics, upbringing, and training. Once we select the right dog, we start continuously shaping its behaviors to help it adapt to its envi-ronment and learn to perform in as many different scenarios as possible. This process allows us to know our dogs inside and out which means we can make necessary adjustments to their program as they are needed. Our handlers have a strong bond with their dogs that is main-tained through constant training.

Our training program begins with lots of socialization in various environments so that the dog is comfortable around lots of environmental stimuli. We work on obedience and build drive, so that the dog enjoys its job, and — of course — we imprint the dog on the odors that it will need to detect. We do not cross train our dogs, meaning they will only detect explosives or narcotics or bed bugs but not any combination of the three. Dogs are trained in a passive in-dication to alert to present odors without disturbing them.

All of our teams are required to attend weekly training sessions and train on odors a minimum of five times per week. We train in different locations with various distractions. Teams will also periodically attend seminars and conferences and train with other handlers and organizations. We believe that integration with other trainers and handlers is vital to broaden the K9 detec-tion industry.

Detection teams are certified within Maximum K9 Detection Services quarterly and are certi-fied annually via accredited, third-party affiliates.