K9 Narcotic Detection Service

The global war on drugs has been fought for more than 50 years, without preventing the trend of increasing illegal drug supply and use. Drug arrests now account for a quarter of the people locked up in America, but drug use rates have remained steady. This drug abuse epidemic affects us at a local level, and directly impact our family, friends and businesses. To assist in the ongoing “war on drugs,” we must take an aggressive approach at the community level. Family, friends, coworkers, and employers represent the first line of defense when faced with an illegal drug issue. We cannot wait for the government to handle this mammoth problem. We must seek and utilize any and all tools available to us at the micro, local level in this battle.

Maximum K9 Detection Service has certified narcotic K9 teams available for contract to the community. We have programs that cater to small and large businesses, private residence, schools, and all private and public facilities. Our drug dogs are available for use in the NY tri-state area. Our teams are trained and certified for the detection of marijuana, cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy), heroin, PCP, methamphetamine, and the various derivatives and compounds of the above.

We are not law enforcement

Our contract is bound by a confidentiality agreement that keeps any findings discreet and strictly private. In the event of an alert, the K9 handler will notify you of the suspected location of the drug. Maximum K9 Detection Service will not take any further steps after detection has been made. We are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. Therefore, any law enforcement notification or involvement will be left to the client’s discretion.

Workplace service

It is the right and responsibility of business owners to work hard and to make sure the business is competitive, profitable, and safe. One of the most disturbing and damaging forces in the workplace is employee drug abuse. Maximum K9 Detection Service can help you discover if anyone is putting your company in jeopardy. Our narcotic K9 detection teams are available for contract to search private and public businesses. Maximum K9 Detection Service understands the health and safety issues regarding narcotics in public facilities. Providing a drug free workplace is a critical component in limiting liabilities and maintaining efficient productivity. Conducting periodic narcotic K9 searches will not only detect existing contraband, but also serve as an effective deterrent against future narcotics on the premises.

Private residence

Maximum K9 detection service has narcotic K9 detection teams available to search private residences, automobiles, or any specific areas that are believed to be a location of hidden illicit drugs. This program was designed to help family and loved ones with drug issues, so they may get a second chance before entering the criminal system or even worse. It is quite common for family and friends of ill loved ones to be suspicious of hidden drugs. Sometimes suspicion needs to be followed by decisive action in order to help our loved ones. Maximum K9 Detection Service can conduct a confidential, non-law enforcement search of suspected areas which can either confirm or alleviate your suspicion.

The results can help start the process in providing the care and assistance for your loved one’s recovery.

Rehabilitation facilities

Maximum K9 Detection Service has narcotic K9 detection teams available for contract to search rehabilitation centers, clinics, hospitals, and halfway homes. We understand the safety needs of both staff and those recovering in treatment facilities. Our K9 detection teams can integrate with your current security process. Our contract program schedules regular visits at times requested by the facility. We keep searches discreet and do not interfere with daily treatments. This program maintains compliance and serves as a strong deterrent for concealing drugs on premises.

Schools and Universities service

Maximum K9 Detection Service has narcotic drug dog teams available for contract to search public and private school systems, college campuses, dorms, and supporting facilities. Drug abuse on school grounds presents a danger and liability. The use of drugs can cause behavioral problems, crime, violence, lawsuits, and even tragic death. A drug-free zone starts with a clean campus. Hiring a K9 drug detection service serves as a proactive approach in minimizing the risk of illegal drugs on school property. Our contract program schedules regular visits at times requested by the educational institution. The regular scheduled visits can prevent and deter drug use, resulting in a safer environment for students and staff.

To learn more about how our K9 detection team can assist you, our various services, or to schedule a visit please call or e-mail