Westminster Dog Training in New York

Westminster Dog Show
Ever thought about what it takes for your dog to win at The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? It takes determination, training and good quality-time spent with you and your dog. Maximum K9 Service, is a full-service canine facility where your dog can start training to be a winner. Maximum K9 offers everything your dog needs from expert grooming, to nutrition and most importantly professional dog show handlers to train your special dog to be the best.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is America's oldest organization representing the sport of purebred dogs, founded in 1877, New York City. It's great success from its foundation warranted Westminster the title of America's Dog Show. Westminster is a symbol of the purebred dog with its influence spreading everywhere in the world. Although this is a fun activity for you and your dog, the basic purpose of this National Dog Show is to evaluate breeding stock for use in producing the next generations.

Each breed of dog has a STANDARD, or a written description of the ideal example of that breed. These standards include: form, general appearance, height, weight, coat, colors, eyes, ear shape and placement, feet, tail, the dog's movement, temperament, etc.

Westminster Dog Show is first classified by Bred By Exhibitor, American Bred or Open. After a dog of each sex is selected for the first place, they go to compete in the winners classes. The winning dogs earn point towards their American Kennel Club championship title and later advance into the Best of Breed competition. Awards are given for the following categories: Best of Breed or Variety for both sexes, Best of Opposite Sex, and Best of Winners. Best of Breed or Best of Variety dog show winners advance to the Group category. Groups are divided by : Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-sporting, Herding. The group winners advance to the final of competition, Best In Show.
Westminster Dog Show is going on right now February 16 and 17. The dog show results are airing live on CNBC from 8 to 11pm Monday and on USA on Tuesday, same time.
To enter your dog for next year's show, make sure you meet the basic requirements. Qualifications to enter The Westminster Dog Show include registration with the American Kennel Club of a dog who is at least 6 months or older, is purebred, and is not spayed or neutered. Classes for your dog are imperative for the success of your dog in the show.

Maximum K9 Service provides excellent training for dogs and their owners who wish to enter a dog show such as the prestigious Westminster Dog Show. Show dog handlers at Maximum k9 are trained professionals who know the trade and dedicate themselves to making sure your dog is the best that he can be. It's never too early to train your dog for general obedience, agility, or show handling. This facility's handling classes, taught by successful dog show handlers and judges in the dog show industry, are designed to teach you everything you need to know about conformation showing. Classes include: timing, how to move, ring patterns, ring etiquette, stacking, and more. Your dog show handler will guide you through all the steps and on how to practice with your show dog outside of the facility as well.

Maximum K9 has an indoor and outdoor facility, equipped with obstacle course, treadmill, group and private classes. Maximum K9 service also has a full-service dog grooming spa to make your dog picture perfect and ready for the show. Classes are held Tuesdays 6 to 7pm on site in Deer Park, NY.
Maximum K9 also offers regular obedience classes, working dog, sport, scent detection and security training. Call or go to maximumk9service.com to view detailed description of services provided. Get your dog ready today and don't miss out on next year's Westminster Dog Show Registration. Maximum K9 Service can guide you through all the steps necessary. Hope to see you at next year's show!

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