Top Five Reasons to Feed Raw


A raw food diet has been proven to be healthy for dieters, but did you know that it’s also good for your pets? The new trend of feeding your pets raw food (also known as Feeding Raw) instead of the regular pet food found on grocery store aisles has been taking flight – particularly with vets and animal care specialists. Here’s why it’s great to feed raw.

Mainstream commercial pet food is filled with toxic stuff. It’s not too unusual to hear of dog food that contains meat from sick animals, animal by-products (read: feces), and completely nutrient void chemicals that just keep the food looking decent. In fact, those kinds of ingredients are the bulk of what commercial dog food is made of. It comes as little surprise, then, when you hear of pets getting sick from their dog or cat food.

Processed and cooked foods lack enzymes and vitamins that dogs need. Just like humans need a wide array of different vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, dogs have their own needs. Unfortunately, processing or even cooking food destroys the delicate enzymes that dogs need in order to stay at their peak health. This doesn’t hurt dogs in the short term, but in the long term, it shortens their life spans.

Commercial dog food also contains nutrient void ingredients. When was the last time you heard of a wolf eating wheat or corn? Probably never. That’s because it offers zero nutrition to canines of any sort. Sadly, many commercial dog food companies use these kinds of ingredients as filler for dog food.

It’s also good to Feed Raw because it helps improve a dog’s overall hygiene. Bad doggie breath, rotten teeth, flea problems and foul puppy odors are actually a clear sign of malnutrition. By choosing to Feed Raw, your dog will have the natural vitamins and enzymes to combat germs and parasites like fleas. Dogs that have a raw, natural diet also have been shown to need bathing less frequently than their commercial dog food fed counterparts.

Your dog will be healthier for longer. Due to the dangers of breeding pedigree dogs, many canines are at risk for cancer. Cancer in dogs has been linked to a high carbohydrate diet – much like the ones provided by commercial dog food companies. If you Feed Raw, your dog will have a lower chance of getting cancer, less digestive problems, and a healthier, shinier coat for longer.

Of course, there’s one very good reason why you should Feed Raw. Your dog is your best friend, and gives you all the love and affection you could ever want. He only relies on you for food and a home. Your dog loves you so much, and asks for so little in return. Don’t you think that he deserves the best food?

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