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Human Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs

You’re sitting at the kitchen table eating your dinner. You cut into your steak and put a piece into your mouth. Tasting great, you are pleased that you chose steak for dinner. Then, you feel little tiny breaths on your leg. You look down and find your 4-legged friend staring up at you with big…
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Top Five Reasons to Feed Raw

A raw food diet has been proven to be healthy for dieters, but did you know that it’s also good for your pets? The new trend of feeding your pets raw food (also known as Feeding Raw) instead of the regular pet food found on grocery store aisles has been taking flight – particularly with…
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Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition For Dogs

Benefits of Raw Dog Nutrition For Your Dog Infographic Maximum K9 Service has recently released the above infographic explaining the benefits of raw food nutrition for dogs. The advantages of raw food nutrition seem to have no limits. Today people are recognizing the importance of eating healthier foods. We are more educated and in tune…
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