Scent Sport Training

Scent Sport Training On Long Island, NY

Maximum K9 Scent Sport is a fun and natural way to engage in your dog’s sense of smell. Put your pup’s nose to work or at the very least, to the good it was meant for! Your dog will be introduced to target odors (Birch, Anise and clove), then be rewarded with special treats and toys. This specific series of courses allows your dog to do what they do best- being a dog, having a chance to explore the world of scents while being mentally stimulated. All dogs benefit from this program and it provides for a great bonding experience for the dog handler team to interact with your beloved canine. Get ready! Sniff! Enjoy!

The Benefit Breakdown

  • Mental Stimulation
  • Physical Stimulation
  • Use of Natural Drives & Instincts
  • Bonding Between Handler & Dog
  • Confidence Builder
  • No Obedience Training Needed
  • One on One Personal Attention for Every Single Dog

Restrictions: Please bring a crate for your dog and/or a safe secure spot in your vehicle.

Competition: Feeling lucky? Don’t feel like you’re barking up the wrong tree!

Maximum K9 Scent Sport will participate hosting small local trials at various levels for those individuals who are interested in testing their abilities and desire a little competition.

Maximum K9 Scent Sport Intro Level 1

  • 8 classes = $280.00

During this introduction level course, your instructor will teach your dog the basics of K9 scent detection. Maximum K9 is on a mission to reinforce and build up your dog’s natural ability to hunt and find. Your dog will be introduced to the target odors like: birch, anise, and clove, then be rewarded with special treats or toys. The course will instruct the handler as to the proper way to read their dog when in odor. The handler will also learn the importance of patience and letting the dog “work it out” and/or discover their natural talent. This course will benefit all breeds, of various sizes and ages. Maximum K9 will incorporate low level distractions as training will take place in our in-house training facility. This program is dedicating to building your dog’s confidence, create mental and physical stimulation while establishing fun filled enjoyment! At the end of this course you will receive a practical test and a certificate of completion.

Maximum K9 Scent Sport Level 2

  • 8 classes = $280.00
  • Pre-requisites: Maximum Scent Sport Level 1

This secondary level course is designed to not only reinforce the target odors, but at the same time increase your dog’s instinct in the drive for the hunt. Maximum K9 will teach the dog a passive response to the target odors. Searches will continue to take place inside our training facility with higher level of distractions. At the end of this course you will receive a practical test and a certificate of completion.

Maximum K9 Scent Sport Level 3

  • 8 classes = $280.00
  • Pre - requisites Maximum Scent Sport 1 and 2

In this course, we will reinforce all target odors. We will increase the level of interior distractions. The teams will be introduced to exterior and vehicle searches. Handlers and dogs will learn how to adapt and work through variable weather conditions. At the end of this course you will receive a practical test and a certificate of completion.

Maximum K9 Scent Sport Open Training

  • Per Training Class = $15.00
  • Pre - requisites Maximum Scent Sport 1, 2 and 3

This is an open training class- anyone who has completed Levels 1-3 is welcome to participate. In this open class we will work on advanced problems, reiterate/practice while maintaining the integrity of what was previous learned. You and your dog will continue to have fun while enhancing your bond and overall experience. This a great opportunity to practice for trial.

Maximum K9 Scent Sport Private Training Classes

Individual sessions and packages available.

Private Lessons are available to those who cannot make the scheduled classes, or if you just want some extra attention. Please contact us for more information.