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"Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance is a state-of-the-art formula that is designed to provide powerful ingredients that are important for muscle development, enhancement , definition, maintenance and functions in canines of all breeds. It contains Creatine, a compound important for muscle definition and growth, as well as complementary amino acids, lecithin to enhance the effectiveness of the high quality colostrums, soy, and whey proteins. DMG is included to support muscle metabolism, reduce lactic acid accumulation and optimize oxygen utilization within muscles. Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance Combines: Amino Acids, Chromium, Creatine, KPX Brand Colostrum, Lecithin, Multi-patented DMG and Multi-patented GlutaSyn Brand Whey Protein Isolate.

Advanced Support Recommended For:
- Muscle Development & Definition
- Muscle Endurance & Strength
- Muscle integrity & Lean Muscle Mass
- Muscle Recovery After Workouts
- Performance Level Enhancement

Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance Contains Two Powerful Multi-patented Ingredients!

*Dimethylglycine (DMG) is a derivative of the amino acid glycine and is a substance that humans and animals produce naturally in small amounts. DMG is found in major metabolic pathways of our cells allowing it to produce a wide range of beneficial biological effects in the body. DMG is often times referred to as a metabolic enhancer and an intermediary metabolite.

Over 30 years of research have shown that DMG acts like a cellular catalyst improving the efficiency of major pathways of the cell. As an intermediary metabolite, DMG provides useful building blocks (methyl groups and glycine derivatives) that support the production of vitamins, hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, nucleic acids, and other metabolically active molecules.

Areas of Advanced Support: There are several published studies that show DMG enhances endurance and stamina in animals. It appears to promote cellular energy, improve oxygen utilization, reduce muscle fatigue and shorten recovery time after strenuous activity or exercise. It has also been studied for its antioxidant benefits in dogs and may aid in liver detoxification.

Stress Reduction: DMG helps the body recover from the stress of oxygen debt. In stressful situations lactic acid levels increase in the blood as a result of impaired oxygen availability. Because DMG increases oxygen utilization it decreases lactic acid build-up in the blood, which reduces cramping and muscle fatigue.

Immune Response: DMG has been shown to improve immune response as reported in two published studies. DMG can enhance both cellular and humoral immunity by increasing antibody and lymphocyte production during times of immune challenge.

Focus & Concentration: DMG may help strengthen synchronous neuronal processes, contribute methyl groups for neurotransmitter metabolism, increase ATP production within brain cells due to enhanced phosphocreatine production and improve cognitive functions. Animals that are prone to increased anxiety tend to have increased lactic acid levels that can affect brain chemistry.

*GlutaSyn Brand Whey Protein Isolate is a unique milk serum protein isolate that was developed over eighteen years of rigorous, peer-reviewed research. Made under stringent quality controls with advanced low impact ultra filtration technology, GlutaSyn is an all-natural product that concentrates essential benefits found only in fresh mother’s milk. This milk serum isolate has been extensively tested in studies exploring its impact on immune system activity, muscle metabolism, longevity, and antioxidant support. GlutaSyn has been evaluated in successful Phase I, II, and III clinical trials, and has earned five U.S. Patents, one Canadian Patent and one Australian Patent. In addition protein supports the growth and development of all body tissues and canines involved in strenuous activity need more proteins and amino acids to help maintain muscle tissue.

GlutaSyn,GSH & Cell Defense: GSH is the most important factor protecting the interior of the cell from the constant damage of oxidative(free) radicals. In oxidative protection it seems that all roads lead to the fundamental “reducing” agent in the body.

Immunity & GSH: For the mammalian and avian immune systems, life is one long battle against the endless attack of billions of viruses, bacteria, molds, and toxins of all descriptions. Lymphocyte cells are sometimes called the “brains” of the immune system. Their viability is critical to healthy immune function. GlutaSyn is patented to deliver unique, naturally-targeted support for lymphocyte response in animals.

Benefits of GlutaSyn Blended Products: GlutaSyn works synergistically with many other nutrients. In fact, vitamins C and E and other antioxidants rely on GSH to do their jobs correctly. Products blended with GlutaSyn Inside harness GlutaSyn’s special support to address specific health and nutritional needs.

Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance Combines Other Key Ingredients For Enhancing Muscle & Performance.

KPx Brand Colostrum contains components that are essential to the structure, growth and differentiation of muscles. Colostrums may increase the availability of essential amino acids, growth factors and immunoglobulins, which support muscle mass and strength during training and performance.

Extruded Soybeans supports the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass. Extruding soybeans increases digestibility and bioavailability of the amino acids it contains.

Creatine supports muscle density, size, and strength. It is converted into phosphocreatine a high-energy phosphate molecule that maintains ATP(adenosine triphosphate) energy levels needed for muscle contraction.

Chromium is vital for optimal muscle development. It supports muscle weight gain, facilitates muscle growth, and decreases body fat. Chromium also supports the ability of cells to absorb glucose from feed and convert it to energy that fuels protein synthesis, and lean muscle growth. It also supports athletic performance and endurance.

Lecithin is an emulsifying agent that supports fat metabolism, transport, and utilization with the body. It supports cell membrane structure and helps regulate the flow of nutrients into and out of the cell. Lecithin postpones the onset of fatigue to help the body recover more quickly following exertion.

Packed with Amino Acids:
DL-Methionine is used in disulfide bonds, which hold connective tissues and proteins together.
L-Lysine supports the absorption of calcium, collagen formation, and building of muscle proteins.
L-Carnitine supports the use of fat for energy and optimizes oxygen uptake. L-Carnitine supports a leaner body type by decreasing fat in favor of protein(muscle) Muscle Metabolism, Energy, and Function.

Why Use This State-Of-The-Art Formula?
Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance is specifically designed for building muscle mass, increasing strength, enhancing performance levels, fueling muscles during work out, relieving stress, and reducing muscle fatigue.

Great For Overweight Dogs.
Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance is very beneficial of overweight canines. This nutritional formula promotes lean muscle development and supports a leaner body type by decreasing fat in favor of protein(muscle).

Do You Own A Picky Eater?
Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance can potentially increase your dog’s appetite through fat metabolism enhancement. With harder workouts and a faster metabolism your canine’s body will burn more calories in return may increase your dog’s appetite to help build bigger and stronger muscularity.

How to Use Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance.
Formula MASS Muscle Builder & Performance comes in a small pellet form which makes it easy and efficient to deliver. Simply serve your dog the recommended daily dosage prior to each meal separately or you can pour it on top of their food.
Feeding Directions:
- Canines under 50 lbs: ⅓ scoop per 15 lbs, daily.
- Canines over 50 lbs and over: 1 full scoop per 50 lbs, daily."

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