Love Your Dog on Valentine’s Day

Top 4 Presents to Show Your Dog Some Love For This Valentine's Day 

Dogs are not only our best friends but they're our babies. They love us unconditionally.  Give your sweet pup extra loving this Valentine' day to really show them how much you care. Dogs give us unconditional dedication, love, and forgiveness every day of the year, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to make your puppy feel extra special.

  1.  Switch your pup to a raw food died.

We don't realize how much we've changed our pet's natural diet with the creation of commercial dog food. In the past, a dog's diet consisted of fresh meats, bones, veggies and fruits. Most big food companies now only put the minimal amount of what a dog requires in his diet.



Benefits of a raw food diet:

  • Cleaner teeth: with a raw food diet, you eliminate the need of brushing your dogs teeth. Raw meaty bones are nature's dental treatment
  • Cleaner ears: a natural diet helps maintain healthy ears. A natural diet helps your dog have dry, odorless, clean ears.
  • Flea Freedom: A healthier diet means a healthier pup. Having a healthy pup increases their protection from fleas. A healthy dog doesn't taste or smell as good to fleas.
  • Decreased Body fat/increase muscle mass: Dogs who are fed raw diets will love body fat and will look leaner. A healthy diet also promotes muscle mass building.
  • Coat and skin improvement: A healthy diet will give your pup a shinier coat, an a naturally moisturized skin
  • Body Odor: Dogs who consume a raw diet tend to have less waste and have a nicer smell overall.
  • Energy levels: A raw food diet will promote higher levels of energy, alertness, and stamina.
  1. If you don't have time to keep your dog on a 100% raw food diet, you could switch it up a bit between raw food and dry food. When choosing dry food, Abady State of the Art-Maintenence & Stress Formula is a great option.


Your puppy will absolutely love his new food. It's 100% organic. This formula delivers the highest levels of conditioning. The Abady granular formula enables each ingredient to be processed individually, to insure maximum nutritional availability.

  1. All dogs love treats. Although you may not be able to give your puppy a box of chocolates for Valentine's day, you can give him these irresistible snacks that are also really good for them.



K9 Carnivore Cookies- Gourmet, energy packed dog biscuits. They are perfect during and after workouts, or any time your pup needs a quick super nutritious snack to boost their energy. These treats prmote lean muscle, increased staminca, endurance and flexibility for joint health.

4. For Valentine's day treat your dog to a Grooming Day.


Take your puppy to a Puppy Day Spa, or a full service Grooming Salon, and spoil your dog. Give your puppy a fresh new cut, cut and polish their nails, maybe even put some pom-poms in their hair.

Whatever you choose to do on Valentine's Day, make your dog looks and feels spiffy too on this special day. Check out for more information on a raw food diet and other information on taking care of your best friend. Full Grooming services are also available if you are in the Long Island area.

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