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Are you barking up the wrong tree with your dog’s diet? Chances are, if you are feeding your pet manufactured dog food, the answer is yes. In fact, your dog’s diet is more important than you may realize. It’s the foundation of his physical well being, so you will want to ensure your companion receives the proper balance of nutrition in his meals.

Why is Diet so Important to Your Dog?

You may be confused by the constant influx of new dog foods that are hitting the market. There is traditional kibble, manufactured grain free dog food, and grain free food diets you can put your pet on, and those are just some of the options. Frustrated with the choices, you may have concluded that traditional kibble is good enough for your dog.

But every single ingredient of your dog’s diet that goes into his belly is critical - these edible building blocks fight infection, support teeth and bone, and build and repair muscle. Dogs need protein as a source of energy and to promote muscle growth and function, plenty of fats to provide energy and enhance brain function, and vitamins and minerals essential for proper nerve health. Unfortunately, if something is preventing your dog from properly digesting his food, or if your dog isn’t getting all of the nutritive components he needs, he won’t be functioning at peak level.

Your Pet and Grain Free Dog Food

Your dog’s body is adapted to naturally extract nutrition from animal based sources. When you don’t supply your dog with grain free food, you might inadvertently be throwing a monkey wrench into your dog’s digestion. Manufactured dog foods contain massive amounts of additives, preservatives, and you guessed it, grain products.

Grains aren’t necessary components in a dog’s diet – in fact, they were introduced to traditional dog food as a cheap way to fill your pet up. Not only are grains unnecessary, they can be causing harm. Dogs don’t have the digestive enzymes or digestive systems to efficiently process grains as an energy source. That’s why grains are some of the biggest sources of dog allergies today!

Raw Food and Your Dog

You might think that going out and buying the latest manufactured grain free dog food is the best solution to this problem. But the cooking process used to produce kibble entails exposing raw ingredients to extremely high temperatures. This destroys a large portion of natural enzymes and nutrients that your dog would have consumed from eating these ingredients raw.

Why not cut out the middle man and feed your dog a nutritious, raw diet then? A raw dog food diet that emphasizes meat, bone, vegetables and fruits can offer a healthy alternative to processed, manufactured dog food.

Benefits of Maximum K9 Raw Food

Put on a raw food diet with Maximum K9, your dog will enjoy raw fruits and vegetables packed with minerals, vitamins and live enzymes, as well as healthy meats to keep their muscles strong and their coats nice and shiny. The raw food diet offers improved health through nutrition – the food is not cooked, so all of the original nutritional integrity remains.

Your dog will benefit from an improved and healthier digestion. A raw diet, with a focus on meat, is easy for your dog to digest, requires less energy to do so, and will promote a smoother, more regular digestion system. Processed, cooked kibble doesn’t give dogs important enzymes and vitamins that dogs need – thanks to a prolonged shelf life and excessive storage time, the nutrients they need are depleted.


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How a Raw Food Diet by Maximum K9 can Improve the Health of Your Dog

  • Clean, Healthy Teeth – Imagine being able to skip visits to the vet for dental treatment, and not having to put yourself or your dog through brushing his teeth. Eating meat off the bone will decrease gum disease and address the issue of bad breath.
  • Cleaner Ears – Raw natural diets promote an odorless, clean ear on your dog
  • Freedom from Fleas – When your dog enjoys fresh, whole raw foods that deliver digestive enzymes and vitamins he needs, his level protection from fleas increases. (Animals in optimal health don’t seem tasty enough for fleas to feast on).
  • Anal gland Issues Resolved – A balanced, healthy diet will encourage the production of empty, firm stool. The anal gland will eventually naturally empty afterwards.
  • Leaner Physique – Eating a raw diet will lead to a decrease in body fat. Your dog will be leaner and less sluggish.
  • Increase in Muscle Mass – Bring out the best in your dog with a healthy intake of protein, so he can enjoy a wider chest and narrow belly.
  • Healthy, Shiny, Coat and Skin – Raw natural diets offer your dog quality protein, fats and vitamins that he needs to maintain a shiny colorful coat, and naturally moisturized skin.
  • Less Body Odor – Because raw natural diets result in less waste that takes on a less foul aroma, you can give your dog a bath much less frequently
  • Increased Energy – Dogs who eat raw food enjoy increased mental stamina and heightened alertness.
  • Less Water Consumption – A natural diet is comprised of healthy, raw foods is composed of moisture. Your dog will stay hydrated throughout the day, bolstering energy.
  • Reduced Risk for Cancer – Raw diets are low on carbs – cancer is known to feed off of carbohydrates.
  • Fewer Vet Bills – Your dog’s immune system will be stronger and more able to fight off disease, resulting in fewer medical bills and a clean bill of health for your pal.

Best of all, your dog will enjoy eating more! He will look forward to his favorite meal every day, devouring all of the components of a healthy diet he will need to function amazingly.

Most dog owners who switch their companions to a raw food diet by Maximum K9 notice instant improvements, while enjoying less vet bills long term. Switch to a raw food diet and notice the difference in your dog’s energy and health while you watch him enjoy the best meal he has ever had.

Still have questions about your dog's diet?  Call or email us anytime at (631) 940-1511 or