Executive Protection

Executive Protection on Long Island, NY

Executive Protection Services with and without K9s

• K9 Security

• Guard Dog Service

The most common threats to you and your family are home invasion and armed robbery. Our Executive Protection Services alleviate this concern. This is considered another means of self defense and defense service provided by your beloved K9. It is critical that your dog have an aptitude for sensing danger and knowing how to behave accordingly utilizing their innate protective instincts and acting on commands. This is a power provided to you by Maximum K9 so you always have the upper hand in a situation and feel MAXIMUM safety at all times.   This service goes beyond the basics.

Who Needs a Protection Dog?

  • High net worth individuals.
  • People who travel frequently for business and leave their family at home.
  • Politicians.
  • Professional Athletes.
  • Actors.
  • Celebrities.
  • Owners of dangerous businesses like collections, repossessions, efficiency firms that cut jobs, etc.
  • Owners of cash businesses.
  • Owners of controversial businesses.
  • Any person who is at risk for kidnapping or kidnapping of a family member.