Joseph Secreti

Head Trainer
dog trainersMaximum K9 Service was started because of my infatuation with the care and well being of dogs. Since I was a young boy I have always had a love for animals. I would spend all of my free time interacting with them, especially with dogs. Throughout the years, I have been fortunate enough to be given many different opportunities to explore and develop my relationship with dogs and my affection towards animals.

When I was young, I gained valuable experience working at a boarding facility. I was reliable go to if you needed a dog sitter or assistance with training, all in which I did for fun. As I grew older, so did my passion and I had the desire to be more involved within the dog community. This is when I joined a local ( IPO) Schutzund (protection dog) Working Dog Club. I have trained countless dogs in the IPO sport achieving multiple titles. On top of IPO, I also cross train in the PSA sport (Protection Dog Association).

Lucky enough, I was offered the opportunity to specialize and train with K9 sent detection dogs. I jumped on this offer to acquire experience in cultivating explosive, drug and bed bug dogs. Over time I certified multiple bomb dogs under The American Working Dogs Organization. My work background includes: K9 port security guard for the waterfront commission of NYC,  a K9 security officer in many of the seaports in NYC, working for Disney and Carnival cruise line as an explosive K9 handler, and a contract K9 handler for Amdetech Detection Services. I currently remain contracting and offering private K9 security services.

A 230 hour hands-on certification course in Pet Dog Training is one of my most credible accolades. It was in this program I gained substantial and seasoned levels of understanding with an assorted mix of dog breeds with various issues and distinctive circumstances.

I am also active in the Rottweiler Seiger show ring. A Rottweiler Seiger show is a German style dog show concentrating on the conformation and breed standard of the Rottweiler.

I am also a Rottweiler breeder. Information on my rottweilers can be found at: www.secretihausrottweilers.com

I am a regular in attendance at the most recent and effective seminars for Pet & Dog Training. I have achieved many titles and trophies in dog sports as well as the conformation show ring.

B.A in Management S.U.N.Y Stony Brook

NYS Licensed Security Guard (Armed)

TWIC (Transportation worker Identification Card)

Multiple Executive Protection Certifications

AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen Evaluator)

Schutzund USA Certified Decoy

Dog Behaviorist 230 Hr Certification (Anthony Jerones School)

Multiple Explosive Detection Dog Certifications Under The American working dogs Organization

Certified Member Of IACP (International Association Of Canine Professionals)

Memberships and clubs:
Schutzhund USA
PSA (Protection Sport Association)
USRC (United States Rottweiler Club)
IACP (international Association Of Canine Professionals)
AWDF (American Working Dog Federation)
AWDA (American Working Dog Association)
American Working Dog OrganizationR
Mid island Schutzhund Club
Kamikaze Working Dog Club
Rottweiler Klub of North America (RKNA)

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John Marinos

All Breed Handling Classes
working dog trainersJohn purchased his first Doberman in 1978 and began showing in conformation and obedience after he retired from the NYPD.  John served as V.P. of the Long Island Doberman Pinscher Club and President of the Long Island German Shorthaired Pointer Club. He is licensed by the American Kennel Club to judge all breed JR. Showmanship and Hunting Tests (Junior, Senior and Master hunter tests) He handles professionally on a limited basis and has shown and handled dogs in many venues including AKC, UDC and ADA shows. He has also handled and titled dogs in conformation, obedience, rally, hunt tests and working dog sport. Currently, John owns two Dobermans and two German Shorthairs. As an owner, he has handled one of his dogs to the Top 25 in the country and is currently a Silver Grand Champion.

Some of John's dogs have been featured models in high-end fashion ads by J Hass & Jones New York. Also appeared in an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories on The Biography Channel.

Terri Yezzi

dog groomers Terri started Grooming in 2008 and has loved every minute of it. Her favorite part about Grooming is that there is such a creative aspect to the job. Not everyone can do it and those that can sometimes don't enjoy it. Terri can and loves the job. She loves that she can create amazing looking dogs and when given the ok she can even give color to the dogs with special doggie hair dye. This isn't just a job to Terri it is her passion.

In 2006 Terri started messing around with her personal dogs teaching them small little tricks like paw and beg. Her love of trick training grew when she adopted her Pit Bull in 2007. She tossed the ball over his head and he back flipped for it. She became obsessed with teaching him amazing and complicated tricks like jumping off her back and catching a Frisbee in midair. In 2009 she adopted a mutt and immediately started training him. He can now sit on her feet, do a walking handstand, walk on his back two legs and many more. The three of them perform demo's for children and adults throughout the year.

In 2010 Terri was introduced to an amazing dog sport called Flyball. She started training two of her dogs to play, it requires the dog to jump over 4 jumps, hit a box that shoots a tennis ball. Catch the tennis ball and then come back over the 4 jumps. This sport is a race between 2 teams. Terri and her dogs compete in this sport almost monthly and even goes with her team to Nationals every year!

Terri also likes to dabble in another dog sport called Agility. Agility requires a decent amount of skill from the dog and the handler alike. You gain points for performing obstacles correctly as well as points for the speed in which they are done.