Common Questions

Can dogs get sick from eating raw meats?

The answer is yes. Dogs can get sick from eating any contaminated foods, raw or cooked. If you feed your canine quality food you should not have a problem but, remember dogs by nature are meat eaters. Their digestive system is designed to handle bacteria much better than humans.

What about parasites and bacteria, like salmonella and e. coli?

Dogs have enzymes in their saliva that destroy harmful bacteria. They also have short digestive tracts that quickly push the food and bacteria through their system before any harmful substances have time to colonize. Dogs have very acidic stomachs, with a pH between 1 and 2. This assists with the breaking down of the meat and also helps to prevent bacteria from colonizing. This is the reason dogs can ingest dirty water, feces, garbage and dead animals, and experience very few consequences. It is highly unlikely for a dog to get sick from raw food unless the dog is already immune-compromised. Just be sure to use common sense and practice good hygiene during feedings.

Can a dog have allergies to raw meat?

Dogs can have allergies to many foods. It is rare but a dog can be allergic to a certain meat, vegetable, or fruit. In this case a trial by error period is needed to remove the food that is causing the allergic reaction.

Is my dog going to get all the nutrients he needs?

From DNA studies, we know dogs evolved directly from the timber wolf somewhere around 15,000 years ago. And, of course, it should come as no surprise. Wolves are clearly carnivores. So, by their very genetic pedigree, dogs also demonstrate similar and noticeable carnivorous traits. Their teeth, their digestive systems and their behavior clearly confirm this fact. Yet dogs must also be recognized for their significant omnivorous ability. Their proven ability to digest carbohydrate-based foods has been known for many years. However, a dog still shows unmistakable evidence that its body is optimized for eating meat.

So the answer is YES! A raw balanced diet provides all your dog's nutrients in their original state, undiminished by cooking or processing. The proof of whether your dog is getting proper nutrients will be in his improved coat, clean teeth, good breath and relief from skin allergies.

Is my dog going to choke on the bones?

Very unlikely, if they are raw. Cooked bones are another issue; they can splinter and be dangerous.

Will Raw Meat Make My Dog Bloodthirsty?

This is a common concern and one I don't quite understand. My dogs are eager to eat chicken, beef, turkey, etc., but they are definitely not going to tear my hand off to get it. They may chase a rabbit or two, but the fun is in the chase, just like a dog who eats kibble.